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Playboy launches Play It scents for women into Australian market


November 21, 2010/11.27

Playboy fragrances for women
Playboy has successfully managed brand extensions for decades, be they into other editions or into clothing. Two years ago, the company signed a deal with Coty to produce a men’s fragrance. It’s now releasing a women’s fragrance—but how do you link a very masculine brand to a female market?
   Cleverly, the marketers have seized upon one essence of the Playboy brand that can be moved to women: the ideas of sexuality and initiative.
   The three scents—Play It Lovely, Play It Sexy and Play It Spicy—have already hit European markets, before heading Down Under. They will then launch in the US in 2011.
   The copy for the third scent (shown below) includes these words: ‘Play It Spicy by making him stare—you decide how! And now that he’s mesmerized, just let him think he won … it’s your game anyway.’
   A women’s fragrance was on the cards as early as 2008, when the men’s line was launched. Chairman and CEO of Playboy Enterprises, Christie Hefner, hinted that the original thinking would be to use the personalities of three Playmates. But, more importantly, she told Women’s Wear Daily that 75 per cent of Playboy products are aimed at women.
   The fragrances are available in 30 and 50 ml eau de parfum and 150 ml body spray.

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