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As you go down the woods today, you are in for a surprise


March 16, 2011/13.17

His name is Shiloh Fernandez and he is the next big thing in Hollywood.
   As the leading man in Red Riding Hood, Fernandez plays the role of the very charming, yet seemingly dark at the same time, poverty-stricken wood-cutter Peter.
   I know what you all must be thinking, ‘Is this another Twilight?’ I do not think so, although Catherine Hardwicke directs it; Leonardo di Caprio produces it.
   What you might not know is the Fernandez could have been Edward in the Twilight saga.
   Actress Amanda Seyfried, who plays the lead in the new film, knew from the start that Fernandez was her Peter.
   ‘I’m kind of glad he didn’t get [Twilight], because then he wouldn’t have done this movie,’ Amanda told Access Hollywood.
   Fernandez is complimentary toward Robert Pattinson, the actor who scored the role he auditioned for in Twilight. ‘He’s done such a great job with that part and I couldn’t have done it any better. I would’ve [done] far, far worse, and luckily, I had the opportunity to work with Catherine down the road and this character just suits me,’ he said.
   In 2009, Fernandez played Owen Campos in Gossip Girl.—Snjezana Bobič

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