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From Denmark to New Zealand: Noa Noa launches


March 16, 2011/22.18

Noa NoaNoa NoaNoa Noa
Noa NoaNoa Noa

Noa NoaDanish lifestyle brand Noa Noa has launched here in New Zealand with the autumn 2011 collection being the first time the European brand has ventured to the southern hemisphere.
   Having already established itself throughout Europe and Canada, the label sought greener pastures with New Zealand the obvious choice. With a loyal following, great brand recognition and the choice of many a European stylist, the brand is set to make waves here in New Zealand as well.
   Established in 1981 by the Holstein brothers, the label was designed as an anti-pole to the uniform looks of that decade. Designed under the concept, ‘We inspire to a modern bohemian way of living,’ Noa Noa is a brand that has its roots deeply set in the past whilst still looking towards the future.
   The brand is know for its attention to details, from hand-crocheting and embroidering to beading, flocking and shirring. It is this attention to detail that each season special fabrics are dyed, printed and produced specifically from Noa Noa.
   Noa Noa is a concept brand that incorporates specially designed accessories. This season you will find everything from colour coordinated scarves, gloves, hats to bags and shoes.
   For autumn 2011, the collection centres on three themes: the classic vagabond, the Great Silk Road and a modern-day interpretation of Rococo.
   The central trend sees a tighter silhouette which focuses on the waist and a selection of raw materials that contrasts with the feminine, ethnic Noa Noa universe.
   The vagabond theme is reflected in the choice of materials. Textiles are rough and pre-washed to achieve a “used” look. Washed wool and heavy cotton are combined with ready-made waistcoats and waisted jackets. Narrow grey men’s trousers in striped wool or pre-washed stretch are a must. To this can be added elegant gentleman’s hats and sturdy lace up boots to achieve the perfect vagabond look.
   The Great Silk Road draws upon the cultures along its path and the mystery of the east, as manifested in the compact silk embroidery and decorative metallic jacquard weaves. This part of the collection features everything from kimono-sleeved knitwear to tunics inspired by Indian dress. Ideal for combining with large pieces of jewellery in characteristic China red or metal and natural stone necklaces.
   A modern-day interpretation of ‘a touch of Rococo’ provides a historic contrast. This is reflected in the silhouette, where the cut deliberately highlights the shoulders and waist. But the themed collection also features fine details and prints. This is also where we find one of the collection’s key items: a boned corset with genuine tight lacing.
   The season’s colour is grey—in all imaginable shades! This is joined by dusty mauve, earthy colours, petroleum colours and the burnt red colours that can be spiced with kenzo lime.
   Noa Noa is available from department stores and boutiques nationwide.—Sopheak Seng, Fashion Editor

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