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Did L. A. Reid let slip that Cheryl Cole is the next X Factor judge?

Filed by Lucire staff/April 4, 2011/22.10

Grammy Award-winning record exec L. A. Reid may have let slip that Cheryl Cole is the third judge in the American version of The X Factor, ending (mostly media) speculation on whether Britain’s sweetheart would appear Stateside.
   Reports ITN, Reid, who was confirmed as the first judge, said, ‘… Along with Simon Cowell and Cheryl, I don’t know who the other judge is.’
   Whether true or not, Reid’s comment has managed to spark off another round of who the third judge on the show is—and a reason to put Cole’s name into a headline while media and some of the public want news of her.
   Meanwhile, Lily Allen has Tweeted to say that she would not replace Cole on the UK panel.

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