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Kelly Rowland a possibility for US X Factor as speculation mounts that Nicole Scherzinger is out

Filed by Lucire staff/January 31, 2012/11.37

As reported elsewhere, Steve Jones has already confirmed on Twitter that he will not return for the second season of the US version of The X Factor as creator Simon Cowell tinkers with the show.
   The UK media, meanwhile, are speculating that Nicole Scherzinger will also get the boot, and there’s even a hint that Paula Abdul will be on her way out.
   One possibility is that Kelly Rowland will head to the US version after performing well on the original. Naturally, Cheryl Cole has been mentioned as another possibility, but that may well be down to wishful thinking and her undeniable support among Britons.
   Mariah Carey’s and Fergie’s names have also been mentioned.

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