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Deanna Bratt: jewel of the Bay


June 12, 2011/23.24

Deanna Bratt
Deanna Bratt

You don’t need to be a scientist to understand that most people yearn for happiness in life, with hopes of being able to just do what they love. For the average person, it may not be that simple. However, for Deanna Bratt, slightly changing her career focus was key to a more relaxed and content future.
   Bratt, a well-known San Francisco Bay Area fashion designer turned jewellery maker, decided to take a sabbatical from the thriving fast-paced and high-volume kingdom of the garment industry. The result of her fashion time-out was ignited by a life-changing event called motherhood. In fact, the birth of her first child would become an intro to a low-key but flourishing new venture.
   The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) alumna may be better known for her women’s fashion apparel, which spanned in diverse stores nationally from places like Fred Segal, Evolve, and Rabat, amongst many others. However, the unleashing of her skilful passions to the world with sharing a love for jewellery-making has stirred up more than local buzz via simple word-of-mouth marketing.
   By starting a jewellery line, she’s managed to amplify her target audience. ‘Anyone can fit into a necklace, only certain body types would dare to wear certain styles,’ said Bratt. Bratt’s line of jewellery includes specialty hand-made items that are affordable and easy to wear with dashes of bold and delightful colours of feminine beauty. She roughly targets the 22- to 45-year-old female who might be a career professional or party devotee—anyone really who has an adoration for nice accessories.
   Just like San Francisco in her eclectic beauty, Bratt’s diverse influence is emanated in her designs. ‘I am inspired by Native American jewellery design, sophistication, simplicity, and seduction. I find organic materials such as bones, feathers, rocks, pinecones, shells, and minerals to be very inspiring.’
   It’s all about the trending elements in her pieces, ranging from layered necklaces with Czech glass to exotic hued feathers and beaded charms, all fine-tuned in the detailing of her design. For example, in her Gold-Fill charm necklace, she invites the customer to take charge in remixing the style of the necklace. It’s a versatile piece that may be converted into a bracelet simply by unhooking the clasps. The charms may also be detached, creating yet another necklace form and all within this one piece.
   There are also items produced with added touches of feathers, which seems to be a local favourite. ‘I use feathers because I love them, they are natural, and in style,’ said Bratt. Bratt is a believer in sustainable fashion and implements new elements as well as the old within her jewellery collection, by acquiring some pieces from thrift stores, estate sales, and even pawn shops.
   She has already been selling at local boutiques and now has moved to a new online shop where her handmade items may be purchased as well. It’s fair to say that this designer has made an impression with her jewellery already within the fashion community, but now she’s covering new territory in a less demanding atmosphere. And, all the while, enjoying what she loves to do!
   For more information on where to shop for her creations, visit—Tamara Madison
Deanna Bratt
Deanna Bratt
Deanna Bratt

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