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Sponsored video: James Charm continues with his seduction tips for Joop! Homme


February 20, 2012/10.46

A Lucire special promotion

James Charm

British readers will continue to have seen the James Charm seduction expert series of advertisements running on the Lucire website this month.
   “James” has continued his lessons about seducing the opposite sex this month, with the sixth and seventh parts of the videos for Joop! Homme.
   The latest one sees James discuss how to disarm rivals for the lady’s attention. ‘If you want love, prepare war.’
   If you watch the video, there are some cheeky techniques that might work in fictional confines—but every man will find a connection to the scenarios. And that’s what makes the Joop! Homme fragrance a little more fun than the rest.
   Presuming that you’ve been successful, the seventh part sees James discuss the first kiss: what type of kiss for what situation? What technique should you use on your victim? (Actually, James means partner.)
   The humorous spots began running here on November 21 with these sponsored posts. They see the fictional James Charm provide “lessons” on how to spice up viewers’ love and sex life. The object: to become a real expert in seduction.
   James Charm is, according to the company’s promotional flier, ‘a handsome man with an incisive sense of humour and an impressive résumé (MBA in Applied Sensuality, Ph.D. in Aphrodisiac and the lusted Nobel Prize for peace … within the couples!).’
   The first sees Charm talk about the supermarket as being a perfect training ground to practise seduction skills. The second discusses massage, a ‘weapon of mass seduction’. A later one, not presently running, deals with ‘how to make a move in an elevator’.
   The spots, in English and German, are to promote Joop! Homme, one of the top ten male fragrances in the UK and Germany. Joop! Homme also has a Facebook page at
   Joop! Homme was originally developed by Michel Almairac, and despite the pink bottle, has gone on to become a classic since it launched in 1989. It has top notes of bergamot and cinnamon, middle notes of orange blossom, jasmine and honeysuckle, and basenotes of sandalwood, vetiver, patchouli, amber, tonka bean, musk and vanilla.

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