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Yuima Nakazato’s collection at Japan Fashion Week expresses a Future/Classic theme

Filed by Lucire staff/March 19, 2012/12.40

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo
Japan Fashion Week Organization

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo opened its door on Sunday. This is the second season since Mercedes-Benz came to Tokyo to sponsor Japan Fashion Week. Since then, the designer line-up and runway shows have become more solid.
   The key visual for this season’s collections is Future/Classic. Art Director, Kaie Murakami, expresses the traditional side of Japanese fashion through static, elegant visuals as Japan’s fashion scene matures.
   Japan’s young and up-and-coming designer, Yuima Nakazato, held his own show, which heralded the opening of Fashion Week. As the ‘Mercedes-Benz Presents’ designer, he unveiled his new collection inspired by new Mercedes-Benz vehicles. His latest collection expresses a relationship between the images of cars and people. Nakazato has also designed costumes for Lady Gaga and other recording artists.
   ‘When I first saw the vehicle, its elegant body, power, and advanced technology made it look very much like a living creature. From this, I got an image of people and cars coming together,’ says Nakazato. ‘I have always liked hard materials, and I discovered many ways to directly incorporate expressions of the car’s lustre and metallic properties into the clothing.’
   Nakazato’s latest collection reflects the Future/Classic theme. His use of metallic blue expresses an image of futuristic and sophisticated Mercedes-Benz cars, coexisting with more classical beige and black textures.
   Yuima Nakazato’s collection report is available at Japan Fashion Week organization’s website at Live coverage can be seen at, and the runway schedule is available at—Yuka Murai, YM Biz & Media

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Tokyo
Japan Fashion Week Organization

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