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Nikki Reed, Anne Hathaway talk music for ‘The Best Part’ and Les Misérables


December 29, 2012/0.16

A few quick snippets this weekend—at least in musical terms.
   Twilight’s Nikki Reed and her husband Paul McDonald have released an EP, entitled ‘The Best Part’. Reed, with a crystal-clear voice—with no autotune and overproduction—talks about performing as being the next step in her life.
   Reed and McDonald co-wrote the song over a six-month period, and it was produced by former Wilco drummer Ken Coomer.
   With the Les Misérables buzz at the moment, star Anne Hathaway discusses her performance in a separate video, calling the production ‘daunting’ and how the singing—which the actors trained for separately—came together. ‘We were all kind of this mixture of anxiety, gratitude, excitement and nerves.
   ‘I had done so much preparation and I was so in to it that it wasn’t really about performing. It was more about just honouring what I had learned and the research that I had done, and just trying to open myself wide enough to let all that out,’ she says.
   ‘We did everything in one take,’ recalls Hathaway, with the exception of a few cases, with director Tom Hooper using a multi-camera approach to capture as much of each performance as possible.

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