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Jean Paul Gaultier unveils his specially designed train, as part of Kunsthal exhibition in Rotterdam


February 6, 2013/23.13

In addition to haute couture and costumes, Jean Paul Gaultier has already designed a Coca-Cola bottle and recycling bags. And now he turns his attention to trains.
   Thalys, the ticketing organization run jointly by the French, Belgian, Dutch and German railways, teamed up with Gaultier for this latest venture.
   As an official partner of the exhibition, The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: from the Sidewalk to the Catwalk, held at Kunsthal in Rotterdam from February 10 to May 12, the designer was asked to lend his creative talent to a train bearing his trade mark colours and stripes. The exhibition has been organized by the Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal and the Kunsthal.
   Gaultier unveiled the train at Paris’s Gare du Nord on Wednesday, and took it to Rotterdam for the promotion.
   The exhibition features some 140 of Gaultier’s designs, including haute couture and stage and film costumes.
   He says, ‘The idea of giving a train a makeover, of dressing the Thalys train up in sailor stripes, was funny for me and it’s appropriate for Holland. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the ports of Amsterdam, sailors, sailors stripes and everything else, I found it fitting. And what’s more, stripes symbolize speed.’
   Emily Ansenk, director of the Kunsthal, says, ‘We are absolutely delighted with the arrival of Mr Gaultier today, on the eve of the opening of our spectacular exhibition in the Kunsthal. It is a great honour to have him come to Rotterdam for his exhibition, with his own signature. We have lots of parties in Rotterdam worked out together to make this amazing project a success, for that I would like to thank everyone.’
   Thalys is also offering a discount for passengers should they wish to attend the exhibition, with an entry fee of €10 instead of €12·50, on presentation of proof of travel.
   Gaultier is staying in Rotterdam till Saturday, when he will open the exhibition officially, as well as a Jean Paul Gaultier boutique in the Bijenkorf.

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