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A cry for help against domestic violence: Basta! at TheArtsBox in Vicenza

Filed by Lucire staff/June 5, 2013/3.11

Livio Moiana

Above, from top Alena Šeredová. Max Laudadio. Below Massimiliano Rosolino. Anna Valle.

Basta!, a passionate photo exhibition by Livio Moiana, is a compelling cry for all the victims of violence in Italy. One hundred famous actors, TV personalities, art critics and commentators take action by “screaming” in portraits pleading for a ‘Stop!’ to the lingering Italian legislative vacuum. The portraits were created in solidarity with those who have suffered violence: girls, women, boys and entire families. It’s still a utopian dream, since Italy and Greece are the only two remaining nations in Europe demonstrating a complete indifference towards the victims of violence. Moiana’s exhibition can be viewed through September in Vicenza at TheArtsBox, a private exhibition space, Contra’ San Paolo, 23, 36100 Vicenza, Italy. Visit—Stanley Moss, Travel Editor

Livio Moiana

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