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Don’t forget: Lucire 31 is out, available for tablets and in print


November 28, 2013/10.53

Above As shown on Facebook yesterday, a banner ad campaign has launched promoting the print and tablet editions of Lucire, even though issue 31 has been published for some weeks.

If you haven’t checked it out already, you should do so: Lucire issue 31 is out. Since the print editions are collectible, limited editions, they don’t really date—we still keep going back to earlier ones at the office as references—and have in-depth insights into the fashion world. Intelligently written, with an independent voice, and put together by a small global team, Lucire continues to pioneer as we hit the mid-2010s. That’s why you can also order it as a tablet edition.
   The latest issue features Summer Rayne Oakes on making an impact in the modelling world; a review of autumn–winter looks by Tiffany Fernando, with visuals by Doug Rimington; an interview with Stephen Jones, OBE, one of the great names in millinery, by Jack Yan; Elina Lukas’s Copenhagen Fashion Week diary; Elyse Glickman’s interview with Daisy Fuentes; and David Machowski’s exploration of maple syruping in New England. There’s plenty more, including shoots by Angelika Buettner, Dorit Thies, Brett Stanley and Doug Rimington, including two styled by Lucire fashion editor Sopheak Seng.
   The URL is now much easier to remember: You can order it for tablets or as a very exclusive print edition through this link, or at the link at the top of the page if you’re surfing on our full web edition.
   Also easy to remember is our video player, regularly updated with entertainment, fashion, beauty and lifestyle news and tips. You can find that at we’re finally putting that URL to the use we envisaged for it.
   As we begin December, Lucire is getting our bases covered. Please let us know via Facebook or our feedback form if you have any thoughts or story ideas. It’s the tip of the iceberg, as we have plenty more to announce in the New Year.

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