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Bella Pilar to create artwork to promote Joico through 2014


December 3, 2013/4.08

Shiseido’s Joico brand has teamed up with artist Bella Pilar, who will create a series of illustrations through 2014 promoting its milestone events, hair care products and accessories.
   Pilar’s illustrations will be seen through Joico’s website, banners, PR and social media, promoting its breast cancer awareness initiatives, holiday collections and other special occasions. They will appear on marketing collateral including Iphone cases, tote bags, sunglass and make-up cases, point-of-sale signage and other items.
   Joico calls Pilar, ‘An artist with a rich imagination,’ with artwork that depicts ‘whimsical women who evoke a fashion-forward and inspirational ethos.
   ‘Bella’s characters are widely known for their style, joie de vivre and refinement—a perfect fit for a hair care brand known for their head turning artistic skills. Her artwork has wide appeal to today’s beauty aficionados, which is what makes this partnership a natural fit for the brand.’
   Damien Carney, international artistic director for Joico, says, ‘Bella’s work is exquisite, exotic, sassy, coy, fun, and fresh all in one. She has a magnetic energy that pulls people in through her signature designs. She will play an integral role in making this campaign memorable and wildly successful.’
   Pilar says, ‘I knew that creating art would be a part of my life forever, but I feel honoured that it has led me down such an amazing path to opportunities like this collaboration … I look forward to finding new inspiration and taking artistic cues from the brand throughout this partnership.’

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