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Lucire’s style round-up: fashionable Instagrams this week, January 14


January 14, 2014/0.11

Today’s fashion Instagram round-up includes, first, my current model-crush, Bambi Northwood-Blyth. Here, she is looking effortlessly sexy-chic with her head out a car window. Only Bambi could wear a vintage looking bralette and pink shirt to do this and make it look unsilly. Bambi’s best friend and DJ Bip Ling is also included this week, in a snap from Bambi’s fiancé Dan Single’s Instagram. Bip is looking super-alty and stylish in a peach-pink and green skirt and top set with flamboyant frills. She has paired this with stark white platforms with Nike ankle socks, a wicked pair of sunnies and a tousled, beachy mane. I am dying for this super-original look.
   Also included from Australia this week is model and 4th and Bleeker blogger, Alexandra Spencer. Here she looks über-sexy in a hat over half her face with her sumptuous lips showing underneath. I appreciate the black-and-white element of this shot making it even more edgy-sexy. I have also included world-class blogger from Fashiontoast, Rumi Neely, this week. Rumi is a constant style icon of mine and this week she is wearing a sheer-dusty-grey silk organza T, with a soft-cup barely-there bra underneath. Her make-up is its usual minimal self, with a slight cat-eye, paired with her usual tousled mane.
   The last Instagram shot from a blog this week is from Jak & Jil. This blog is a compilation of renowned street-style photographer Tommy Ton’s imagery. This shot is a true pink confection: Tania Gačić looks fabulous wearing an oversized fuchsia blazer with matching bag and lip. Somehow this Barbie-pink look, even on a blonde, still works.
   I have included two more high-profile celebrities this week, the first a stunning shot of Jennifer Lawrence off Vogue Brasil’s Instagram. I am adoring her vulnerability in this shot where she is wearing a robe, most likely having her make-up done. Her expression and make-up are both soft and this endears her very much.
   Rita Ora makes the last celeb spot this week, as I couldn’t resist but include her fabulous eyebrow-advice shot: it is so true. Ladies, take note from Rita’s advice about keeping your brows a less-dramatic, more natural shape.
   Last, I included a shot from my own Instagram. This week I thought I would mix it up and have a beauty-inspo shot of myself, rather than an outfit. Here, I am having fun with my make-up look wearing my usual minimal make-up paired with a statement orange lip by MAC and a tousled pony. Let me know what you think of my more bold look. And that’s a wrap!—Anna Deans

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