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Sponsored video: Tessa Violet’s ode to Venus Snap—and those “wish I’d shaved” moments


July 9, 2014/10.30

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If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em—or at least make deals with ’em. Realizing the reach that the top YouTubers have, companies are beginning to tap into their ready-made audiences, especially if they resonate with their target markets.
   Gillette, which has always impressed us with its range of razors, and was one of the first companies we dealt with who were quite open about shattering the myth that male razors were better than female ones, has hired vlogger Tessa Violet. Violet, who some readers may know as Meekakitty, is a former model, actress and singer–songwriter who is known for her humorous videos and original songs, which can be seen on her YouTube channel.
   The 24-year-old’s biggest drawcard for companies like Gillette would be her million-fan audience on YouTube, and what better way than to show its latest razor, Venus Snap, which you can take on the go, than with a fun ditty from Violet?
   Her catchy Venus Snap song, ‘No More Stubble, No More Trouble’, is an ode to the times when you need to shave spontaneously—those times when things are going great and you realize that it’s probably been a while since the last shave. Violet’s song acknowledges those very moments, and how having the handy Gillette Venus Snap razor can be a life-saver.
   Extending it to social media, you’re invited to Tweet your “wish I’d shaved” moment to Gillette (@Gillette) with the hashtag #InASnap, and Violet could turn that moment into an original song.
   Venus Snap is available from both online and bricks-and-mortar retailers across the US and internationally.

Video sponsored by Gillette

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