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Arthur Chen unveils Tissot’s newest range in webcast

In an interview format, the US-born Chinese actor showcases Tissot’s newest line to Generation Z
April 9, 2020/9.32

Arthur Chen, Tissot’s newest spokesman, has released the company’s latest Chrono XL range in a live webcast from Beijing. A casually dressed Chen, resting on a sofa, described the new range with words like daring, unique, wonderful, and unlimited, with one of the promotional images from Tissot’s new campaign behind him.
   Chen talked in a relaxed fashion with the host of the webcast, in a heart-to-heart conversation format, discussing everything from sports (regardless of opponent, he would go all out without reservations) and acting (not wishing to be typecast and trying out new roles).
   In a segue to the watches, he mentioned, ‘I think everyone should have a watch of their own.’ Less than subtly, he noted that regardless of event—playing sport, heading out every day, or attending a formal occasion—the watch is the one accessory he cannot do without.
   Chen also gave a prize—a graffiti work of his own—to the winning entrant of a Tissot competition. Chen, who indulges in graffiti art, has designed the Tissot Chrono XL’s gift box for the Chinese market. Prices for the new Chrono XL models begin at 2,600元.

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