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No Time to Die special edition Aston Martin DB5 Junior released

Scaled to two-thirds, the No Time to Die edition of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior is packed with gadgets and a fully electric powertrain
September 21, 2021/0.01

Today’s children have so many more choices of toys. Once the province of royalty—Aston Martin once presented a scaled-down, rideable DB5 to HRH Prince Andrew in his youth—the Little Car Company has now crafted a No Time to Die special edition of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior. While not unique as the Prince’s was, there’s still a hefty price tag: £90,000, plus tax, but the specification may well convince some rich parents or grandparents to part with an amount that would otherwise secure a 1:1 second-hand Aston Martin.
   At two-thirds scale (so an adult and child can sit together) and limited to 125 examples, the DB5 Junior has an array of Q’s gadgets from Goldfinger, which can be seen again in the upcoming, and much delayed, Bond film, No Time to Die. Along with simulated Gatling guns behind the headlights and smokescreen (with an hour’s supply of smoke before a refill is needed), it has a fully electric powertrain.
   The Little Car Company has paid close attention to the real thing—after all, the DB5 Junior is a product licensed from Aston Martin and Eon Productions Ltd.—with the silver birch paintwork, Smiths instruments, Aston Martin badging, and individually numbered chassis plates.
   To make it extra-special for the lucky 125, the No Time to Die limited edition has more power and range (of up to 80 miles). The Little Car Company says there are also some “Easter eggs” for owners to discover.
   Special effects’ supervisor on 15 Bond films, Chris Corbould, acted as consultant on the models.
   Modern concessions include regenerative braking and Brembo disc brakes. Bilstein dampers and coilover springs feature in the suspension. Instead of the revolving number plates, the Junior has a digital display. Owners will receive automatic membership to the Aston Martin Owners’ Club and the Little Car Club.
   The film premières on September 30.

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