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YY Nation launches sustainable Legacy Footwear Collection, with lower carbon footprint

COVID-19 may have delayed its Auckland shoot, but YY Nation is now ready to show off its Legacy Footwear Collection, with a far lower carbon footprint in its production, writes Riveka Thevendran
December 3, 2021/1.51

YY Nation, a New Zealand footwear company, launches its Legacy Footwear Collection in New Zealand and the US, presenting its gender-neutral and sustainable sneakers following a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2020.

Made from a combination of wool, bamboo, pineapple husk, recycled post-consumer plastic, algæ and sugarcane, the collection, which took three years of intense research and development, was made with the intention of being reused and repurposed.

The four sneaker styles in the collection are the Alto, Cirro, Nimbo and Strato. The Alto, available in light and soft bamboo or merino wool, is a high-top boot that is suitable for all-terrain and occasions. YY Nation turned to the ’90s for inspiration when it developed its skateboard-style streetwear known as the Strato, while the Cirro and Nimbo are standard lace-up shoes and slip-on shoes respectively, crafted to be everyday wear. Where the Nimbo has a sleek and functional design, the Cirro comes in various colours, from rose quartz and vibrant spectra yellow to a traditional all-black.

The collection’s carbon footprint is 42 to 61 per cent lower than conventional sneaker emissions. With the long-term goal of being 100 per cent sustainable, the Legacy Footwear Collection launches with some of the most fashionable and sustainable sneakers with the lowest carbon footprint in the world. In addition, it is projected to be carbon-negative as early as 2022.

The collection is sold exclusively at


Above: The Alto, Cirro and Nimbo styles from YY Nation.

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