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Kicking off ’22: Chanel’s Coco Crush jewellery, and Ruby’s Cucumber collection

NEWS The height of the southern summer sees a refreshing collection from Ruby in New Zealand, while Chanel uses the letter C and a quilted motif at the core of its 2022 Coco Crush releases
Filed by Lucire staff/January 11, 2022/10.24

Among those kicking off news for the year is Chanel, who has débuted its Coco Crush collection for 2022 designed by Chanel’s Fine Jewellery Creation Studio.

The new entries have been inspired by the quilted motif, which first appeared on the 2.55 handbag in 1955. They are available in beige gold, yellow gold or white gold, with or without diamonds.

The necklace has a C motif, standing for Coco, Crush and Chanel, as do the hoops. The pavé diamond ring is available in white gold and paved with diamonds in a snow setting.


Ruby, who has shown its first collection for 2022, dubbed Cucumber. Timed for the height of the southern summer, hitting stores on January 21, the collection is meant to be refreshing and replenishing, much like the cucumber itself.

The Dylan print has hand-painted elements inspired by porcelain pottery, says Ruby, while the Savannah floral print has a hand-drawn feel. Colours such as lemon, tangerine and lilac appear in the collection.

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