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Sonia Rykiel is H&M’s next guest designer

September 28, 2009/7.58

Matthieu Salving Above Nathalie Rykiel, President and Artistic Director at Sonia Rykiel. Sonia Rykiel will be the next guest designer for Hennes & Mauritz (H&M), the Swedish company announced today.    Rykiel follows a long line of famous designers, including Roberto Cavalli, Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld and Viktor & Rolf, who have created accessible collections […]

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More from IAA, the Frankfurt Motor Show

September 19, 2009/12.25

The Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA) saw numerous débutantes from the car companies, trying to look positive in one of the toughest years ever. Below are videos from BMW, where Dr Norbert Reithofer, chairman of the board of management, is joined by German chancellor Dr Angela Merkel; and from Renault, where boss Carlos Ghosn gives insights, […]

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Sweden inaugurates its first national marine park

September 11, 2009/8.47

Sweden has inaugurated its first marine national park on its west coast, near the Norwegian border. Both Carl XVI Gustaf, King of Sweden, and Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway, inaugurated the park at Kosterhavet, 150 km north of Göteborg.    Marine life at Kosterhavet includes species found nowhere else in Swedish waters, and is a […]

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Volvo: a history of motorsport

July 1, 2009/13.07

Volvo has been involved in motor racing since 1928. With a Volvo review coming up in Lucire, we thought it would be interesting to delve back into the Swedish car maker’s history. While people know Volvo for safety, it has been very successful in competition over the last 80-plus years. You may also like Porsche […]

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Jimmy Choo is H&M’s next guest designer

June 17, 2009/13.23

Magnus Magnusson Top: H&M’s Margareta van den Bosch and Jimmy Choo’s Tamara Mellon. Centre: Van den Bosch and Mellon with a model wearing items from the Jimmy Choo for H&M range. Above: Shoes from the range. After collaborating with Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, Comme des Garçons and Matthew Williamson, Hennes […]

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Saab can reach for the sun, under Christian von Koenigsegg

June 16, 2009/13.17

[Cross-posted] I never expected this a few years ago, but a few weeks ago, it was becoming more likely: Koenigsegg will buy Saab, says The New York Times.    GM and Koenigsegg say there is now a memorandum of understanding, contingent on loans from the European Investment Bank, guaranteed by the Swedish government.    I […]

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Volvo and Vattenfall plan plug-in hybrid, using sustainable electricity

June 6, 2009/10.23

Plug-in hybrids are getting a lot of news lately, and Volvo is the latest to make an announcement. Teaming up with Swedish energy company Vattenfall, the car maker plans a 2012 plug-in hybrid. Vattenfall itself plans to generate the electricity sustainably.    The companies say that the plug-in hybrids would cost €3 per 100 km […]

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Saab’s Jan Åke Jonsson speaks out

June 2, 2009/12.50

With all the worry about GM going into Chapter 11, Saab boss Jan Åke Jonsson responded, to say all was on track for his company finding a financially strong buyer.    One of the individuals named to date has been Christian von Koenigsegg. While some of the media are saying that he would be an […]

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Azra Duliman is Miss Sweden 2009

May 19, 2009/11.47

Azra Duliman is the new Miss Sweden 2009, crowned on May 15 at the Scandinavian Congress of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.    Duliman is a 23-year‐old law student from Stockholm, with experience from working with young immigrants and engaged in human rights. She has a multicultural background, and said she would take the opportunity to spread […]

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Official Miss Sweden barred from Miss Universe, says pageant

April 23, 2009/13.31

The official winner of the Miss Sweden pageant will not be permitted to enter Miss Universe.    Panos Papadopoulos, director of the official Miss Sweden pageant, has tried over the last several years to modernize the event, and says that the effort required to do that put Sweden’s entry at odds with the outmoded ideas […]

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