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In our mail this week: Peter Alexander catalogue

Filed by Lucire staff/February 16, 2008/5.30

Peter Alexander catalogue cover
From the “I don’t know how we got on to their mailing list” ?le is the autumn–winter nightwear catalogue from Australian label Peter Alexander. We do ?ick through it and we don’t consider it unwanted mail: after all, in our business, we should know what’s on offer. The reason it rates a mention this month is the photography—soft and expressive. The printing is not half bad, either.
   It’s not the sort of photography we would have in our shoots but for the purpose—a catalogue selling goods—whomever the person behind the lens is deserves a pat on the back. You almost want to have a wee kip.

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  • shirley

    i have an issue why dont manafructures make pretty wear
    for larger girls
    anything larger that is pretty always sells first small sizes are always on the discount racks
    the bigger the size the larger the print of the frabric as well
    who wants to look like you go to fiji a lot


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