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George W. Bush promotes Decision Points at Facebook

Filed by Lucire staff/November 30, 2010/11.43

He never had much of a chance to talk about it during his administration, but here is former US president, George W. Bush, championing corporate social responsibility as he promotes his book, Decision Points. We also never thought we would have in the same sentence: Bush, Facebook and California, but here we are: as part of his book tour, Bush is at Facebook HQ in the California Bay Area being interviewed by CEO Mark Zuckerberg and general counsel Ted Ullyot on Monday.
   Bush also talks about accessible leadership, creative tension and a participatory culture in the White House. He also displays some of his good humour, relaying a story early on in the below video about President Putin outdoing his American counterpart with the size of his dog, leading Prime Minister Harper of Canada to say, ‘At least he only showed you his dog.’
   Bush speaks highly of Bono, of whom he was suspicious initially. He compliments the musician on his deep knowledge of national budgets and his real desire to aid humanity.
   His interviewers refrain from questioning him on the Iraq war initially, though Bush himself states that he agrees with President Obama’s increase of troops to Afghanistan. However, in the second half of the segment, Bush is asked about his foreign policy decisions.
   The last few minutes of the interview are devoted to humorous questions about impersonation, the Cowboys, and the Giants.

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