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Ellie Goulding heads to Davos to bring attention to climate change

NEWS The singer, especially passionate about the environment, lends her voice to Arctic Basecamp
Filed by Lucire staff/January 25, 2019/10.10

Conor McDonnell

Lucire is UN Environment’s first fashion industry partner.

It wasn’t just political leaders who attended Davos: Ellie Goulding added her voice to Arctic Basecamp, a consortium of scientists and experts concerned about the changes in the Arctic.
   Goulding brought coffee in reusable rCups to members of Arctic Basecamp at Davos.
   Each year, members of Arctic Basecamp “camp out” for the duration of the WEF annual summit at Davos to warn others about the changes in the Arctic, which signal risks to the planet as a whole. The group hosts events and briefings by the Hotel Schatzalp in Davos. The Arctic Basecamp venue, this year with scientists led by Lancaster University’s Prof Gail Whiteman, replicates a real field study camp.
   The group saves money on hotels and prefers to spend it on research, so the camp is not a mere gimmick.
   ‘We know that what happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic: the loss of sea ice affects us all so it is crucially important they are here at Davos. In particular the melting of Arctic sea ice will make life very difficult for younger generations. I’m here to make sure that action is taken on their behalf and that we remain ambitious for their future,’ said Goulding.
   ‘We were absolutely thrilled to have Ellie here at Arctic Basecamp this morning taking such a profound interest in our work,’ the group noted in a release. ‘The Arctic is the barometer of global risk—which means that warming in the Arctic has significant effects on the rest of the planet. We are so concerned about this that we have come to Davos to tell world leaders they need to act urgently to reduce CO2 emissions. We are a hardy bunch and used to cold conditions from our work, but –13°C for five days is challenging. We hope Ellie’s visit does wake up Davos and the wider public to realize the Arctic is fundamental to all of our lives no matter where we live. Next stop, let’s get Ellie in the Arctic!’
   Goulding has been passionate about the environment, and has been recognized by both the UN Foundation and UN Environment, for which she is a goodwill ambassador.

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