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November 23, 2007/3.45

Since last year, eagle-eyed readers will have noticed an RSS link at the top right of every page at Lucire’s online edition that does not work. This was due to a company that we had charged with creating our CMS (content management system) not delivering. But if readers do not mind, I would like to change that this Friday: the orange box will link to this blog’s feed. The feed will occasionally include new articles that are posted to the main part of the Lucire site, for interest, beginning with these three:

Lucire 2007 | The global fashion magazine
You’ve got to eat it to save it
If you’ve got a cultural, creative and culinary appetite or a passionate thirst for intrigue and history, then pull up a chair, grab a plate and take a big ol’ bite out of New Orleans by Karen Loftus

All in the jeans
Sylvia Giles examines the history of denim jeans in the context of popular culture
Expanded from issue 23 of Lucire

¡Cena spectacular!
Stanley Moss visits a Spanish-themed eatery in the ever-popular Northeast district of Portland, Or., Toro Bravo, helmed by one of the city’s most memorable chefs
photographed by the author

   Enjoy these three articles, two of which are, so far, exclusive to this site.

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