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November 30, 2007/10.34

New on Lucire: one interview, one pro?le. Earlier this year, I did a “?ve years on” follow-up on Murray Bevan, whom I ?rst interviewed when he started Showroom 22 in 2002. Back in ’02, I had a feeling Murray would do incredibly well with his PR company–high fashion showroom (we always did have a record of identifying the successes early). The article, from our print edition, is online now.
   And on the eve of his move to Australia, we pro?le Douglas Rimington, one of our regular photographers. (One of his photos is above, shot in Dunedin during Vodafone ID Dunedin Fashion Week.) While we’ll continue to collaborate, he does leave a bit of a void here in our home of?ce in Wellington.
   Doug actually attended his ?rst professional shoot after posting on the Lucire forum, back in its original incarnation before hackers shut it down. I remember replying to him and inviting him to that shoot. Back then, he was a gifted amateur; today, he is a consummate professional with a highly respected business.
   We can’t take any credit for Doug’s rise and his securing clients, but I am glad we acted as a catalyst of sorts.
   Coincidentally, his elder sister, Sakura, is a good friend of Lucire UK editor Simone Knol, though on my visits to the Rimington household when we were much younger, I never ran in to Doug. It was a huge surprise when we discovered the link.
   As we witness the end of one stage of Doug’s career, we await his next grander stage with anticipation. Good luck, my friend: we know you will blow ’em away.

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