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The Sarkozy–Bruni romance is in the Zeitgeist


December 18, 2007/10.01

Carla Bruni on the cover of Point de VueNicolas Sarkozy, the President of France, is enjoying a heck of a publicity honeymoon. First, he won the election. Then, he went to the US and gave a speech to the Joint Houses that had everyone from Dubya to Hillary applauding. His speech citing Israeli–Palestinian peace a few days ago was largely well received. And now, with news that he and model–singer Carla Bruni are romantically involved (according to L’Express, referencing the cover story from Point de Vue tomorrow) has brought Sarko into the realm of the gossip press (Bruni has been linked to Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton), as well as those of us who normally report on fashion.
   Funny, I was reading about Ms Bruni a few days ago prior to any confirmation of her dating, so she is in the Zeitgeist as well. Do we media build these things up? I used to wonder before I was this involved.
   The answer is no, at least not initially. I wish it were yes and I could paint some story about a conspiracy. But there is a Zeitgeist out there and there may be no rhyme nor reason we would follow a particular story. And, right now, Sarko and Carla are the French “it” couple as we head into 2008.
   What will follow is that the media will realize this is a money-spinner of a story, and updates will be less driven by the Zeitgeist and more by the profit motive. Watch this space. The weeklies will have a field day.

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3 thoughts on ‘The Sarkozy–Bruni romance is in the Zeitgeist

  1. its great to see,read and hear abut the love affairs of fench president. thats waht french are known for, are good at and are being led from front in their full time pastime.
    bravo keep it up

  2. Carla Bruni is hideous. Supermodel?! Superhorror! Doesn’t have lips, eyes… If you take a look at Cecilia, Sarkozy’s ex-wife, it is no surprise that he went for Bruni. Apparently, he likes women that look as corpses.

    And what is this garbage, a president and an ex-supermodel? What’s next? Soap opera actors as MPs? Starlets as ministers? Arrrgh.

  3. Well, we’ve had an actor become an American president. I will worry if Madonna is on the shortlist to succeed Pope Benedict XVI.

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