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Tying up loose ends: StarNow judging; forged New York letter


March 3, 2008/10.37

We had to make our ?nal decisions for the StarNow Australian Model Search 2008 today. We had a shortlist thanks to the voters who went in to StarNow, and chose from those models rather than the full pool. It was an interesting bunch and I do know the choices made by Lucire editor Laura Ming-Wong and Laural Barrett. Let’s say there are some commonalities between Laura and me, probably because we work together and have similar tastes when it comes to modelling. I’ll be interested to know how the votes all tally up but let’s say I am happy with my choices.
   I am probably not allowed to comment on who my choices were or the speci?cs of the judging process beyond this very general post. But it was fun to cast our votes—now it’s over to StarNow and, then, our following up on the story about the winner.
   I have also heard back from numerous showrooms that received the forged stylist’s letter from last week. The stylist, as you can imagine, has not responded to my ‘What the hell is this?’ email—the last time this happened with another stylist, I actually got a response and apology, explaining that overenthusiasm led him to his actions. It helped that he and I have a mutual friend, who was able to defend his actions. Not this time.
   One showroom said that they were glad they would now have one fewer email to read if they ever saw that name again.
   One showroom actually called me in New Zealand to enquire more.
   And, one showroom, God bless the folks there, stated that the last magazine that happened to, in their experience, was a much larger, older title. So we are in good company, it seems.
   Thanks to the showrooms I do have the gentleman’s full details. I’ll have a wee think about what to do, but I suspect his career is over as far as many New York showrooms are concerned.
   This does, sadly, re?ect on the US poorly, since we have no such reports from any of the other countries in which we operate. Those who forge letters might think of their national reputation as well as their own careers when they commit such acts. To think George W. Bush gets so much ?ak for damaging America’s overseas reputation—when there are wannabes hanging around Seventh Avenue doing that.

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