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Suddenly, the wheels are in motion


September 12, 2008/11.31

I can’t believe it’s a year since the passing of Dame Anita Roddick—something which we noted with sadness in Lucire. This came to mind when I read our write-up about another famous woman, who, without early detection through breast self-examination, might not be with us today: Olivia Newton-John.
   We’ve had a strong record of corporate social responsibility for years, and in our case it’s always been more than lip service. In 2001, Ann Fryer took on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer; and Lucire is perhaps famously a partner of the United Nations Environment Programme from 2003.
   With that record, it’s always been our pleasure to help breast cancer awareness, particularly with Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October.
   One of its biggest advocates has been Olivia Newton-John, and something was pointing at the possibility of our crossing paths the week the press kit about the Olivia Aid arrived—which, when used, might help more women live longer lives.
   As the story mentions, there were of?ce references to her all week and I was the one who walked by the premises in Wellington playing the old Grease ‘Mega-Mix’ from the 1990s.
   Even today we were talking about Kerry Butler taking on Olivia’s old role in Xanadu, in the highly successful Broadway remake of the 1980 movie.
   Somewhere in between all that, I notice that Livvy is on our TV screens selling Nintendo in a commercial.
   There’s a renaissance happening and it seems like it’s Olivia’s year again. One should also remember Olivia’s status as a newlywed this year—which makes me think that she is chic again. Even the late-teen and 20-somethings we know agree: Livvy is cool.

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