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Poll: Kylie Minogue is Britain’s number-one celeb


April 1, 2010/15.33

With a career spanning over 20 years, Kylie Minogue is still on top, according to a British poll on the country’s most powerful celebrities.
   Minogue, 41, was found to be Britain’s number-one in a poll by research company Millward Brown, which researched 2,000 consumers.
   She tipped Cheryl Cole to the top spot. David Beckham was third.
   Mark Husak from Millward Brown says, ‘Kylie is widely accepted as an adopted Brit. People know her, like her and she is surrounded by positive buzz.’
   The remaining celebrities were Ant and Dec (whom Millward Brown counted as one), Joanna Lumley, Terry Wogan, Jamie Oliver, George Clooney, Sir Sean Connery, and Helen Mirren.

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7 thoughts on ‘Poll: Kylie Minogue is Britain’s number-one celeb

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  4. Kylie’s been going since 1980 (TV), so her career is ‘over 30 years’

  5. We knew that, but we opted for ‘20’ intentionally, as very few in Britain heard of her till Neighbours. And 30 is still over 20!

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