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Logitech unveils solar-powered keyboard


November 2, 2010/2.31

Logitech K750
We’ve been really impressed with Logitech gear to date, and to hear that the company has come up with a solar-powered keyboard made our day.
   It makes you think: ‘Why didn’t someone do this earlier, at an affordable price?’ We have, after all, had gadgets that were relatively complex being solar-powered—calculators since the 1980s, for instance. And as with calculators, batteries or electricity through a wire are not good ways to keep them powered.
   The solar-powered Logitech K750 keyboard can even work in total darkness for three months, says the company. The construction is PVC-free, and the packaging is fully recyclable. A downloadable solar power application features a lux meter for the keyboard. In addition, the unit is only 7·5 mm thick, and Logitech says its key design helps support fingertips.
   Suggested retail price in New Zealand is NZ$169. It will hit retail outlets in December.

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