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ONA Spa goes back to (old) school


December 5, 2010/9.32

ONA West Hollywood
ONA West Hollywood
ONA West Hollywood

Above ONA West Hollywood spa’s treatment and waiting rooms. Below left Babor Hy-Ol. Bottom left Babor HSR Lifting Cream Rich. Bottom right Babor HSR Platinum cream.

BaborAs you’ve seen on Lucire’s pages, classics are back, but with a modern twist. This holds true for the facial. Though a myriad of technical breakthroughs and curiosities have kept the interest of spa addicts, young-Hollywood favourite destination ONA Spa has added the old-world luxury spa brand Babor to its star line-up of treatments and take-home beautifiers.
   Though Babor is known throughout the world, this particular approach to using them is exclusive to ONA’s West Hollywood outpost, which is also proximate to some fab LA-bred boutiques such as LA Eyeworks, Calleen Cordero and a plethora of hip coffee houses.
   Using selections from Babor’s vanity table-ready HSR Platinum (high skin refining) line, this multi-step Babor Platinum Facial and a blast of steam ($150) see the fluttery fingers of the æsthetician work their magic to reverse lines and wrinkles, dehydration, and decreasing elasticity. Over the course of about 90 minutes, you go through a journey of comprehensive cleaning, revitalizing mask, enzyme peel, facial massage, lifting masks for the face and eye, collagen boosting fluid, and finishes with the application of ultra-rich eye and face creams as well as a sprinkle of micronized pure platinum powder, which results in the look of having been on vacation for several weeks.—Elyse Glickman, US West Coast Editor
Babor HSR creamBabor HSR cream

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