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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan LA visit; Ashton Kutcher on the catwalk

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s North American tour is taking shape; while Ashton Kutcher has made an appearance at the Colcci show at São Paulo Fashion Week
June 17, 2011/0.18

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s North American tour is taking shape, with more details about their Californian visit confirmed.
   The three-day stay in Los Angeles begins on July 8 as the royal couple is met at the airport by British ambassador Sir Nigel Sheinwald. They will attend Variety’s Venture Capital & New Media Summit at the Beverly Hilton hotel to promote London’s Tech City. This is followed by consul-general Dame Barbara Hay’s reception in Hancock Park.
   On July 9, the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club will play host to the Foundation Polo Challenge. A black-tie dinner takes place that night at the Belasco Theater, promoting the BAFTAs and emerging talent.
   On their final day, Prince William and Princess Catherine will visit Tusk USA, a conservation organization, then the Inner-city Arts School, before completing their tour by heading to the Mission Serve Job Fair at Sony Pictures Studio, Culver City.
   New Two and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher has made an appearance at the Colcci show at São Paulo Fashion Week, where models such as Alessandra Ambrosio worked the catwalk.

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7 thoughts on ‘Duke and Duchess of Cambridge plan LA visit; Ashton Kutcher on the catwalk

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  2. There is no such person as Princess Catherine. She is Princess William.

  3. You seem to think people are unaware of this when it is common knowledge. There was also no such person as Princess Diana, nor is there a Prince Harry, but in your haste, you may not have realized that we are not a publication covering the technical aspects of heraldry. We make information accessible to people, and Princess Catherine is acceptable usage.

  4. There is, indeed a Prince William and Prince Harry. Prince and Princess are titles that you need to be born to or the Queen needs to confer the title, which so far she has been unwilling to do for anyone who was not born royal. The heir to the throne is the Prince of Wales and his spouse is the Princess of Wales. So Diana was Diana, Princess of Wales. Camilla Parker-Bowles is also the Princess of Wales, but out of respect to Diana she doesn’t use the title. FWIW, Kate’s full title is Her Royal Highness Princess William Arthur Philip Louis, Duchess of Cambridge, Countess of Strathearn, Baroness Carrickfergus. Unless QEII changes her mind, Kate will be the Dutchess of Cambridge until Charles takes the throne, and then she will be Catherine, Princess of Wales. Despite all of this, the Queen has stated that she accepts that some will refer to Kate as Princess Catherine in the press. She’s not staying up nights worrying about it.

  5. Amaryllis, if we followed W.’s reasoning of such strict usage, then the younger brother of Prince William is Prince Henry. But, of course, we in the media should use whatever everyday people use—and this has been the way for a long time (e.g. I don’t recall anyone calling the Queen Mum, in her younger years, as Princess Albert).
       W. seems to have not been around when Lady Di and Princess Diana were commonly used in the media. I’m fine, as most people are, with Prince Harry and Princess Catherine.
       In fact, Princess Catherine is searched for a lot more than Duchess of Cambridge at this site.

  6. FWIW, I took a look at the British Monarchy site, and even they have “Prince Henry” listed as Prince Harry! Actually titles are whatever the Queen says they are. The wife of the heir to the throne is always referred to as Princess (whatever) because it’s not that much of a stretch from (whatever), Princess of Wales. Kate is not the Princess of Wales yet. The press has reported that Prince William didn’t want a title conferred on him before his marriage and wanted Kate to be styled as Princess Catherine. Even though he’s a favorite of his grandmother, he didn’t win that battle. So on the British Monarchy web site Kate is referred to as the Duchess of Cambridge, but honestly it’s no big deal how she is referred to commonly. Some still call her Kate Middleton, some call her Princess Catherine, some call her the Duchess of Cambridge. It’s all good. Oh, and BTW, Prince William has stated that even though he’s now the Duke of Cambridge, he wants to be referred to as Prince William. Maybe we should just call them Billy and Katie, lol.

  7. I’m fine with Billy and Katie. Willy and Katie might not work quite as well, because it would be embarrassing for the Royal Family if we said Katie loves Willy.
       I’ve seen Philippa Middleton referred to as P-Middy, so maybe K-Middy?
       Great background checking there, Amaryllis, about even Prince William’s preference. And you are right: if the monarch cannot determine what the titles are in her own family, then there’s not much point to being head of state!

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