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Aston Martin launches Colette edition of Cygnet city-car


June 24, 2011/0.43

Aston Martin Cygnet & Colette
Aston Martin Cygnet & Colette
Unlike Ferrari or Porsche, which can combine their fuel economy averages with lesser brands, Aston Martin, being independent, cannot. If it’s to get a low enough corporate average fuel economy figure to avoid paying a fine, it has to join forces with other manufacturers and offer something at the low end of the market—which is how the Aston Martin Cygnet came about.
   We’ve joked about it ourselves: a Toyota IQ with Aston Martin trimmings. We’ve made references to the war. We’ve compared it to fancy Mini Metros in the early 1980s. But the joke may be on us, because the Cygnets are selling: customers are happy with having a Toyota mini-car trimmed the Aston Martin way, and paying substantially for it.
   To increase its appeal, Aston Martin has teamed up with Colette to offer a special edition of the Cygnet, limited to 14 examples, and retailing for €48,995. Well, if Ford could offer Cartier editions of the LTD in Australia and Bill Blass Lincoln Continentals, then why not?
   The Aston Martin Cygnet & Colette has stainless steel hand-formed and engraved door handle badges; co-branded hand-enamelled boot badging manufactured by Thomas Fattorini; quilted Alcantara sun visors; hand-trimmed, quilted Colette blue leather occasional cushions for the rear seats; Cygnet & Colette branding on satellite navigation start-up; and a unique Cygnet & Colette keyring machined from solid aluminium with blue enamelling. Aston also says the car comes with ‘candies, a Wallpaper Paris guide, a custom Sigg bottle to stay hydrated and the latest Colette compilation CDs.’
Aston Martin Cygnet & Colette
Aston Martin Cygnet & ColetteAston Martin Cygnet & Colette

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