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Jaguar releases new video showing F-type prototypes as Paris launch nears


August 10, 2012/14.18

Jaguar’s new F-type sports car will make its global début at the Salon de Paris on September 27. The company’s latest video gives further glimpses into the historical new model, with Jaguar showing F-type bodyshells as well as a camouflaged verification prototype.
   The video has been narrated by Ian Hoban, Vehicle Line Director at Jaguar, who says in a release, ‘When you are working on a Jaguar sports car the expectations of the world are huge. We’re really pleased how the attributes have translated from the virtual simulation work we’ve done into the physical world. Now, we’re refining and adding those last few percentage points—that true element of honing which the Jaguar test team are delivering—which will turn a great sports car into an exceptional one.’
   The new model continues the lineage of Jaguar sports cars that left off with the E-type in 1975. While Jaguar has fielded the XJ-S and the XK models, the company considers those more to be grand tourers. The F-type is expected to be a more nimble and purer sports car, sized somewhere between a Porsche Boxster and a Porsche 911.
   A camouflaged prototype was already seen at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in June, while Jaguar itself has released official images of the F-type with similar camouflage.
   Further details are available at Lucire Men, including the F-type’s engines and features.

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