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Rather than opt for a product placement, the E-Klasse T-Modell features in a lifestyle promo film which shows a group of four friends taking a drive from Manhattan to Montauk.
December 5, 2013/12.38

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Mercedes-Benz is already well known to those of us in fashion circles: its sponsorship of fashion weeks around the world has helped bring models such as the CLS and the E-Klasse coupé to audiences. But what to do about some of its more mainstream models?
   Most people know of the C-, E- and S-Klasse models, and the A-Klasse was voted 2012’s most beautiful car, but it’s sometimes harder capturing the imagination of the public with the more practical Mercedes-Benzes.
   The range that is overlooked the most is the E-Klasse. This is the standard Mercedes, one that can trace its lineage back decades, including the tough-as-boots W114 and W115 models, which often served as taxis around the world. It gets squeezed between the C, which is often the car that introduces people to the Mercedes-Benz brand, and the S, which is the choice of VIPs and, so often, the car that sets the technological standard that others follow.
   So rather than opt for a product placement as Mercedes-Benz did in the 1970s when it put it estate model on Hart to Hart, the E-Klasse T-Modell features in a lifestyle promo film which shows a group of four friends, who have known each other since they were 12 years old, taking a drive from Manhattan to Montauk.
   The film is set to ‘Garden Greys’ by Wildcat! Wildcat! (the exclamation marks are part of the name), and captures authentically what a road trip is like. It is directed by Aaron Platt, a pro surfer and filmmaker. The E-Klasse estate is incidental but the film gives it a more fun image, something that Mercedes-Benz must desire.
   The company has chosen an Avantgarde model, with the large three-pointed star in the grille, one which is meant to be more sporting than the Classic or Elegance. This isn’t a road trip for Mum and Dad and the kids: even the car chosen aims to be more hip.
   Mercedes-Benz also has its Mb! magazine, which covers lifestyle, creativity, fashion, events, travel, sport, art and music, which the film also promotes.

Video sponsored by Mercedes-Benz

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