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Panos Emporio creates hotel toiletries’ range with organic alœ vera

Panos Emporio teams up with Sweden’s Hoist Group, supplying a range of hotel toiletries to travellers
August 18, 2018/10.10

Panos Emporio has teamed up with Hoist Group, a supplier to hotels and public services HQed in Sweden, on an exclusive collection of toiletries for guests.
   Panos Emporio had extended its traditional swimwear brand into fragrances earlier this decade, netting itself awards in the process. The new collection includes shampoo, conditioner, shower cream and body lotion, all enriched with organic alœ vera, and contained in environmentally friendly packaging.
   The companies say they share a common target group, namely travellers. Panos Papadopoulos, Panos Emporio’s founder, notes, ‘For some time, I have been interested in approaching the hotel market. Panos Emporio gives an overarching impression and should be with you all the way on the journey, from start to finish, from flight to hotel room, and, as always, on the beach. The product series of guest gifts takes inspiration from my cosmetics’ collection and from my latest innovation in swimwear, Meander.’
   Meander is Panos’s latest swimwear innovation: men’s trunks with legs that can be folded upwards allowing the wearer to enhance their tans.

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