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Among the ruins in Ukraine

One consequence of the war in Ukraine: when students cannot graduate after their school is destroyed. One young woman returned to hers in the gown she had picked to wear for her graduation, in this social media post
June 13, 2022/11.16

We haven’t been able to verify this story that appeared in Linkedin recently, alerted to us by Stefan Engeseth. The photograph is of a young woman in a beautiful red evening gown, standing amongst ruins. The caption reads: ‘My niece was supposed to graduate this year from her high school. She and her friends planned the graduation event, bought dresses, and were looking forward to the big day … Then the Russians came. Her school was directly hit and destroyed on February 27, 2022. Today, she came back to what is left of her school and her plans for the graduation. Thank you, my dear Valerie, for being strong and brave, so proud of you and love you so much.’ The words are credited to Anna Episheva, Valerie’s aunt, and was apparently shared on her Facebook, according to antitrust and competition associate Anastasiia Panchak, who in turn shared it on Linkedin.

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