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Lotus showcases Emeya, a ‘hyper-GT’ in its latest generation of EVs

During New York Fashion Week, Lola Cristall headed to the launch of the Lotus Emeya, the Norfolk brand’s first four-door grand tourer
September 21, 2023/23.57

Lotus Emeya
Lotus Emeya
Lotus Emeya
Lotus Emeya
Lotus Cars Limited is a British automotive company based in England founded in the late 1940s. For avid James Bond fans, one may recall the Lotus Esprit, which was the leading car for the leading man (Roger Moore) in the 1977 movie The Spy Who Loved Me (let us not forget the unforgettable car’s drastic dive into water) and a Turbo model for the 1981 film For Your Eyes Only. Decades later, the company continues to excel at defying the automobile industry’s norms—and its ambitious model plans, which were unveiled at the Paris show in 2010, might finally be realized under new owner Geely, albeit adjusted for commercial reality and the EV age.

In preparation for a much-anticipated reveal, a three-storey garage welcomed an intimate group of guests to catch a glimpse of Lotus’s state-of-the-art Emeya four-door grand tourer in New York City for its world première. The ingenious creation is considered by Lotus as one of the fastest fully electric hyper-GTs with its 102 kWh battery pack. It is Lotus’s second four-door car after the Eletre SUV, revealed last year, and related to the Zeekr 001.

Before arriving at the uncloaking of the Emeya, the first vehicles that welcomed guests were the Lotus Mk 6, the Lotus 72 as well as the Lotus Esprit Turbo. With each car on display, the designs and constructions differed, based on the driver’s need for speed and taste, but their creativity and class stayed consistent.

While Emeya’s æsthetic features seem less out of the ordinary from the outside, its functions and interior are more inviting. The talented minds behind the Emeya took the first Lotus supercar of 2019, Evija, and revamped it in the form of a hyper-GT saloon. Lotus says it is set to provide a powerful performance, with 905 hp and 985 Nm of torque.

With the help of the 350 kW DC fast-charger, the Emeya can get up to 150 km of range in as little as five minutes. For those willing to take it slowly, they can obtain a complete charge in less than an hour. There is power and performance on the roads, and comfort and durability within. With a slight tap on the brake pedal, the door shuts providing an extra touch of innovation. Rear bucket seats, a large automotive infotainment touchscreen, as well as an innovative 55-inch head-up display help provide an enjoyable ride, transforming long and agonizing road trips into pleasant excursions.

While production of the Emeya is slated to begin in 2024, it has already made quite an impression amongst avid car aficionados and industry professionals.
Lotus Emeya
Lotus Emeya
Lola Cristall is Paris editor of Lucire.

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