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Sponsored video: La Redoute wants you to convey the language of love

Filed by Lucire staff/September 3, 2014/11.10

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The French way of life has always seemed more appealing to Britons. Publicis took this tack in introducing us to Nicole and Papa for the Renault Clio over 20 years ago, with sunny imagery and a sense of joie de vivre. It goes beyond “the grass is greener”, and it’s that Frenchness that retailer La Redoute has taken for its latest campaign.
   It’s not sunny scenery this time, but the French language, which, to most Anglophone ears sounds more appealing. Maybe it’s the way the French have marketed themselves as romantics, and that the ideal language of love is theirs. And with Mr La Redoute (or is Monsieur?), the Francophone character in its latest spot played by Florent Thevenot, things certainly sound smooth.
   Britons are arguably more reserved, partly for cultural reasons and the notion of the “stiff upper lip”, and La Redoute believes the French can help us lighten up and express ourselves.
   In fact, we seem to need Valentine’s Day, birthdays or Christmas to show people we love them—in fact, 22 per cent of people in the UK haven’t said ‘I love you’ in over a year, and only 30 per cent say it daily—but 82 per cent of us wish to hear it. Eighty-three per cent of Brits believe that ‘I love you’ sounds better in a Continental tongue, with 20 per cent preferring to hear it in French. Fifty-five per cent of women admit they have a penchant for French poetry.
   While the spot won’t be lost on Francophones, Mr La Redoute tells unsuspecting Brits charming words of endearment—and without spoiling it, let’s say the participants are not only impressed by the language of love, but he has one more surprise left up his sleeve.
   La Redoute continues to sell French style—its fashion website is number one in fashion and homewares in its home country, and has partnerships with Viktor & Rolf, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Jenzo, Paco Robanne, Yves Saint-Laurent, Isabel Marant and others.
   And it wants to encourage readers to get their messages of love out there, too. Share it with the #languageoflove hashtag on Twitter and Facebook, and get some extra tips from Mr La Redoute via the website.

Post sponsored by La Redoute

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