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No longer a myth


September 27, 2007/0.29

It’s important for any blog to respect at least some journalistic standards, and I was today alerted to the background behind an earlier story that was criticized on this blog earlier this month.
   Miranda Likeman at FashioNZ clears up her side of the story:

Yesterday when I mentioned that I thought one show in particular was the best of the day, I was saying so as a fashion commentator and consumer. The fact that that designer also happens to be a client and a friend of mine had nothing to do with it—and I am far from alone in my appreciation of this designer[’]s show. I also have nothing to do with the show reviews going up on the site this year as I felt it would be a con?ict of interest.

   I believe the trackbacks on this blog work, so folks reading Sylvia Giles’s earlier post which initially raised the above should be able to see this link.
   Miranda’s comments are in line with my own on the post: this country is so darned small that it’s inevitable that we will write about people we know well and such questions will be raised. No one in New Zealand, or at least very few, can say that they have not written about a client or someone they know well. Generally, we try to assign such stories to others without that relationship, but oftentimes it is impossible.
   In Sylvie’s defence, I understand from all our three correspondents that media access this year at Air New Zealand Fashion Week was less than desirable compared to previous years’ (I remember the L’Oréal-sponsored days fondly), and she would have had no opportunity to ?nd Miranda’s response. We did not lend out any wi?-enabled laptops for the New Zealand team as they were all used up in production due to one machine dying. To my knowledge, she isn’t subscribed to FashioNZ’s RSS feeds and would have taken the same amount of time to learn of the above as it did for Sylvie’s post to be found and commented upon in my private email today.
   We need to accept the motives behind any blog posting, whether at this publication or at another, because blogs by their nature are not subbed and proofread to anywhere near the standards of a formal publication. One only has to surf the blogosphere to see the rushed postings and the brain dumps. Understanding and following up the motives are things I have always believed in when it comes to this medium, and such postscripts become far more important as a result. Hence this post.
   There you have it: the goings-on behind the scenes, which was what I said this blog was all about. And it makes a good case for print magazines that take a while to put together, accommodating any and all possible angles.

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  1. Lucire is not responsible for the content of this post, and anything written does not necessarily reflect Lucire’s views or opinions. However, the reporter had read the above comments before posting. She stands by her report, which is as objective and informed as the day it was blogged.

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