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Iberian inspiration


February 9, 2009/12.20

This could have been our main cover image for the Lucire website—it’s fun and vibrant, and taken a few weeks ago at Bread & Butter Barcelona by our long-time photojournalist, Joma García i Gisbert. But given that our cover changed to Tiago Espirito Santo’s Moda Lisboa report only recently, we made the call not to. You’ll find both Joma and Tiago’s stories linked from the home page today: Bread & Butter Barcelona here, and Moda Lisboa here.
   If you glance around the site, you’ll find a little more on Iberian designers with a story on Capricho in México, a resort that will have Custo Barcelona’s magic touch. Ankar in Sweden, meanwhile, reminds us how globalized this world is as it imports kikoys from Kenya.

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