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From Cheryl Cole to the fitness “boot camp”


May 19, 2010/10.02

Cheryl Cole at de Grisogono party
Sean Gallup for de Grisogono/Getty Images

For those of you catching up with Lucire on your RSS feeds, a little note to say that we were among the first media to get you pics from Cheryl Cole’s performance at the de Grisogono dinner party, where she entertained some of the stars at the Festival de Cannes. (The above photograph is from after her performance.) Other media have talked about how much she got paid, but we figured if you needed to know, you would be reading them—instead, we bring you pictures of the celebrities and what they wore.
   Meanwhile, you can catch up on the American awards’ season in Elyse Glickman’s articles here and here, while our intrepid US west coast ed. also headed to the Pinnacle Challenge for a “fitness boot camp”.

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