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Nicola Roberts on dressing Cheryl Cole on Styled to Rock, and the Girls Aloud reunion


August 3, 2012/23.54

Our colleagues at ITN have been chatting to Girls Aloud’s Nicola Roberts about the upcoming reunion and what it was like to dress fellow band-mate Cheryl Cole on Rihanna’s Styled to Rock TV series.
   Roberts confirms that she gets along with the other members of Girls Aloud, contrary to tabloid reports about conflict with Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding, but that she cannot reveal what the reunion plans are.
   Roberts, who serves as one of the mentors on Rihanna’s new show, also comments on what Cole wanted. She says, ‘It was first-stage performance, so, obviously, that was top of the bill, top of the brief. Each thing we just ask every week was that the designers really research the artist and where the artist had been with their fashion, what they’re doing exactly right now, what their videos are looking like, where they think they’re going to be in the future, and just being able to sort of get into the artist’s mind, perspective, and being able to cater what she wanted. It was an interesting week.
   ‘It was really hard because obviously she’s best friends, so it’s having to make sure that she had something to wear, but also to getting to know all the designers every week, you feel like you’re not an outsider towards this designer any more, like you’re a friend, like you’re a mentor. So you’re kind of caught in the middle, so [Cole would] be like, “I don’t know about that,” but I knew where the designer was coming from when they designed it … so that was a really hard week.
   ‘Sometimes … because we know each other so well, we’d be looking at an outfit and I’d know exactly what she’s thinking. So then I’d laugh.’
   Katy Perry also guests on Styled to Rock, and, according to Sky Living’s poll, the American singer just pips Cole in terms of viewers’ must-see celebrities on the series.

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