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May 4, 2015/11.40

A Lucire special promotion

Nivea has never forgotten Mothers’ Day. Each year, there’s an inspiring promotion, and even though most of us will think of our Mum constantly, it’s nice to have the one day where we celebrate motherhood.
   Because of the different dates of Mothers’ Day, Nivea UK had already put out a touching I Love You Mum promotion in March, telling a story through the eyes of a child. However, for countries celebrating Mothers’ Day in May—and there are a lot of them—there’s a new campaign called Mum Was Right, with, of course, a slight variation called Mom Was Right as well as plenty of linguistic differences.
   The idea: who is the best life coach, ever? It’s your Mum: the one person who gave you great advice, not that you always listened. But when you did, you discovered that in the long run, usually when you are an adult, that she was right all along.
   The promotion shows women from all over the world recounting the times that their Mums were right, from a woman recalling how her mother gave her advice during her pregnancy; to a cellist whose mother encouraged her to continue her lessons; and an illustrator whose mother told her to follow her dreams, and now it is her career. Fully subtitled, it shows how the love for your mother is universal, and how Mums always have great advice.
   Nivea encourages people to head to their website and share a picture quote with their mothers’ best piece of advice. Or, just head to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and post these words with the hashtag #MumWasRight. It’s a great way to celebrate Mothers’ Day, or any day you want to tell your Mum that she was right.

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