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Revamping Lucire to look sharper on mobile devices

The biggest change since 2013 to the Lucire template took place over the last several days. Jack Yan explains
October 10, 2021/9.48

The astute among you will have seen some changes taking place on a few pages in Lucire’s online edition. First one article was switched to a new template, then it was the home page (where there’s a slider with three stories), and now all the news pages (which are run on the Wordpress content management system). During Sunday we’ve been tweaking the template for the news section.
   It’s a recognition that a lot of you are browsing with mobile devices (something we had catered for as early as 2000 with Plucker, for the Palm Pilot), and the new template is designed to work far better than the one we had, which actually dated from 2013 (with a tweak in 2014). No more squinting: we’re finally getting with the programme.
   Over the years we’ve tried different mobile skins, but the one that came with Wordpress simply stopped working a few years back, despite it being clearly switched on in our dashboard! This year, having revamped some of our other sites, including Lucire’s business one, we knew we had to bring this site up to speed with the 2020s.
   Lucire Rouge is on a template that runs on Bootstrap, which in lay terms is a grid-based layout technology. Last week, we experimented with a single new story here at Lucire’s main site—our first online in English and French—and, liking the results, we adapted the home page.
   The news pages were far trickier to do, but thanks to the people who developed Understrap, a Wordpress skin, we had a base on which to build the Lucire code.
   We realize there are some speed issues which we’re working to solve, and have put in a query with the developers of Understrap. More pages in the main part of the site will be switched over soon, too.
   Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy the choice of reading Lucire properly now, whether you are doing so in print, on a desktop or laptop, or on a mobile device.—Jack Yan, Founder and Publisher

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