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Amber Peebles, Amanda Tomasoa on the Lucire brand


September 21, 2007/12.27

[Cross-posted] Another “refugee” story from 2006, already posted to my personal blog. But I think it’s worth a re-run, now that a Lucire blog exists.
   , 2003–4 and now an host, is a bit of a fashion designer in her own right. She made the lace top at left which John F. Cooper photographed her in for Lucire last year, and I remember a red dress which she wore to a L’Oréal Professionnel hair show a few years back as well. They aren’t the only ones: long before her Lucire cover story, Amber had been inspired by old and created images for her own clothing, which were featured in the mainstream during the year.
   I wanted to showcase these along with paintings by international New Zealand-based Amanda Tomasoa that were also inspired by Lucire shoots and covers. I was thrilled to see these and they are examples of how are owned by the people whom they contact. While legally the belong to one of my companies, in practice brands and their perceptions are steered by audiences. Two of the three images Amber sent me are below—and it was nice to be able to return the favour so many months later by featuring a reader and fan on our cover.
   It is yet another perfect example of a brand engaging its audience, and how we, at Lucire, recognize that we are merely its stewards. Top–down branding is very passé.

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