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The Lucire website, à la une


September 4, 2009/13.32

If you came via the home page today, then you’ll know Lucire has a new look on the web. We haven’t put this design on all the pages yet—obviously this page, at the time of writing, still has the old look. But we are continuing to roll it out across the site and all subsequent feature pages will have the new style.
   The redesign process began last week, and some of the rationale behind it was discussed in an earlier post. The home page, however, has had a more serious rethink, and it’s still open for discussion.
   Obviously, we wanted a more startling lead image, and with more detailed monitors today—even on laptops—we decided that it could vary between 480 and 600 pixels in width. (The old design was at 390, plus some extra room to record a blurb.) It won’t always be as tall as the current one of Eva Mendes—we expect to have some landscape shots in the space, which would bring up the three stories beneath it.
   We wanted to bring up more to the top part of the screen: this could be either a Lucire TV clip or ‘Insider’ headlines.
   But we also wanted to make the local elements faster, and thanks to a reduction in the code, they are—despite having more information displayed.
   New on the page is a Twitter feed from us, as well as the standardized footer we have on new pages going forward.
   One concern is that the page is the deepest, or tallest, we have ever had—10 years ago, this would have been a no-no. Today, with scroll wheels on computer mice, this has become less of a problem; and tall pages seem to have become the norm today (many Facebook pages are indicative).
   We will continue to tweak the page and value reader feedback.

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