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Edobio blends sake into its beauty line as tradition meets biotech

Now available in the US, Edobio takes the traditional Japanese beauty rituals from the Edo period and mixes them with innovative biotechnology
March 14, 2022/3.44

The traditional beauty rituals of the Japanese can be seen in its Edo period (1603–1868), and Edobio pays homage to these, while blending the concepts with modern biotechnology.

Its Saketernal line, comprising a hydrating serum, restorative clay mask, and balancing toner (the set retailing at US$158) uses a hero ingredient called BiProGE blended with sake lees, which are rich with peptides, amino acids, vitamins and yeast, helping preserve the skin. Vitamin B helps regenerate the skin, arbutin lightens pigmentation and age spots, and linoleic acid strengthens the skin’s barrier. Edobio also uses extracts from green tea leaf, blueberry leaf and stem, and cherry blossom. The sake lees are repurposed to help with sustainability.

Edobio also offers soaps, herbal teas, a sanitizer for face masks, toners, masks, and more, and employs packaging made from cypress and pine and eco-friendly paper sleeves.

See more at—the website also includes an online store.

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