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For Every Minute releases 2012 video, showcasing its loungewear and sleepwear

Filed by Lucire staff/June 21, 2012/10.19

Last year, Lucire received an exclusive preview of the range from For Every Minute, which has since begun retailing at Harry’s in Seatoun, Wellington, among other boutiques. Yesterday, For Every Minute launched its 2012 video, showcasing the brand’s sleepwear and loungewear, in keeping with its luxury image and showing off its use of silk.
   Designers Kenzy Cheeseman (formerly of Alexandra Owen, and of Lucire) and Faye Lowe (formerly at Scotties) originally met at Massey University, and reunited to create the label, beginning with creating what For Every Minute calls ‘the perfect robe’.
   ‘Faye and Kenzy combined their strengths of global market research and industry experience with their shared love of beauty, colour, art and classic movies to develop, not only the perfect robe, but a beautiful signature collection of luxury silk sleepwear and loungewear designed to transcend the seasons,’ says the company.
   One of the hallmarks of For Every Minute is its embroidered diamond appliqué, which appears on some of its garments. The design sums up what Cheeseman and Lowe are trying to accomplish: classy, beautiful and timeless.
   Heading to Asia, the pair sourced a luxurious silk that had the right drape, durability and softness. As shown in the video, six colours are available, as camisoles, pyjamas, chemises, robes and wedding wear.
   During our preview in 2011, the designers had made plans to exhibit For Every Minute at a bridal trade show—many designs were seen to be ideal for the bride getting ready for her big day, while others were perfect for a weekend getaway.
   Since then, For Every Minute has launched its website, including an online shop, as well as the video below.

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