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The first fashion feature to appear in Lucire was that of Starfish, the New Zealand label. Since then, our fashion features have appeared in both the original online and the print editions, with our trade-mark in-depth analyses. We have been ahead of the game: the first in-depth interview with Zac Posen, the most widely circulated story on Gabriel Scarvelli, even articles on Fair Trade long before such subjects were featured in mainstream fashion magazines. On this page are some of our online features, in reverse chronological order.






There’s a celebratory theme to this month’s selection of luxury watches and accessories


An authentic zero-waste future
Un avenir zéro déchet authentique
German designer Natascha von Hirschhausen tells Jack Yan about her ‘radically sustainable’, transparent approach to fashion design and jewellery
La créatrice allemande Natascha von Hirschhausen expose à Jack Yan son approche ‹ radicalement durable › et transparente dans la création de mode et de bijoux
Photographed by/photographié par Kerstin Jacobsen
From issue 44 of
Lucire and the April 2022 issue ofLucire KSA
Dans le 44e numéro de
Lucire et le numéro de l’avril 2022 de Lucire KSA


A hidden gem
Un joyau caché
Riveka Thevendran talks to Ridu Varshini, whose MustHaves label is earning it a following on Instagram, where she both showcases and retails her designs
First published in the March 2022 issue of Lucire KSA
Riveka Thevendran s’entretient avec Ridu Varshini, dont le label MustHaves lui vaut d’être suivi sur Instagram, où elle présente et vend ses créations
Dans le numéro du mars 2022 de
Lucire KSA


Behind the scenes of BTS
Korean boy band BTS has been firmly in the Zeitgeist for the last few years. Riveka Thevendran reveals more about their rise and the fashion sense of K-pop’s biggest force
First published in the February 2022 issue of Lucire KSA


Footwear fit for gods
Three American-Greek siblings revamp the classic Greek sandal, and add other styles, with the Athens-made Laiik


All the love in the world
Lauren DeCarli of Paneros Clothing has ensured that her brand stands up to scrutiny when it comes to its claims of sustainability. Jack Yan looks at the Los Angeles-based eco-fashion label
First published in Lucire issue 44 and in the November 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


Born in Riyadh
Né à Riyad
Kayane Mahrejian created her sustainable label, Kaiane Designs, when searching for a wedding dress, and now capably multitasks between designing and working as one of the engineers at NEOM. Jack Yan speaks with her
Kayane Mahrejian a créé son label durable, Kaiane Designs, lors de la recherche d’une robe de mariée, et est désormais capable d’effectuer plusieurs tâches entre la conception et le travail en tant qu’ingénieur chez NEOM. Jack Yan parle avec elle


BeMystique offers colourful chic
The UAE beachwear label stretches out with more colour for spring–summer 2022, signalling an optimistic future


Earthly soles
A shoe made from plants? That’s exactly what Zen Running Club has achieved, writes Elyse Glickman





New takes
Our selection this month celebrates generations-old heritages, some dating back over a century


A quiet quality
Her designs may exhibit boldness and quality, but designer Deryn Schmidt is not one to shout from the rooftops. Instead, she has a modest approach to her work, recognized by those truly in the know when it comes to properly tailored, well finished fashion, writes Jack Yan
First published in the December 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


With beauty and meaning
Avec beauté et sens

Seeing that fashion often fell short on innovation and ecological promotion, Laura Sänger created La Katz, a silk label that adopts a cradle-to-cradle philosophy, and eliminates all pollutants and plastics. The result: silk that feels purer than what you might have come to know, raising the standard. Jack Yan interviews her
Voyant que l’industrie de la mode a souvent manqué d’innovation et de promotion écologique, Laura Sänger a créé La Katz, un label de soie qui adopte une philosophie « cradle-to-cradle » et élimine tous les polluants et plastiques. Le résultat : une soie au toucher plus pur que ce que l’on pouvait connaître auparavant, ce qui relève la norme. Jack Yan l’interviewe
ファッションはしばしば革新性(イノベーション)やエコロジーへの取り組みが充分ではないと気付いていたローラ・ゼンガーは、『ゆりかごからゆりかごまで』の哲学を採用し、すべての汚染物質とプラスチックを排除するシルクラベル、ラ・カッツを立ち上げました。その結果、シルクはこれまでの常識を根本から変える、純度の高い製品になりました。 甄爵恩ヤンが彼女にインタビューします
Photographed by Luise Hannah Reichert and Kaja Wagner
First published in issue 43 of


Autumn alliteration
With Spencer doing its premières, Chanel and Mouawad show off their jewellery (and Chanel its haute couture), while Missoni, Tiffany & Co., and Mellerio dits Meller add volume to their offerings


The Generation Z game
Le jeu de la genération Z
There’s been a lot of talk in marketing circles about the next influential demographic, Generation Z. Jack Yan looks at how fashion brands can appeal to them
Dans les milieux du marketing, on parle beaucoup de la prochaine génération démographique, la génération Z. Jack Yan examine comment les marques de mode peuvent les intéresser
From the October 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


The holistic approach
Alterre might not be the only shoe label with sustainability cred, but the way founders Harmony Pilobello and Shilpa Iyengar approach the business definitely raises the standard on how a responsible fashion brand works, writes Jack Yan
First published in the September 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


New decade, new energy
Twenty twenty is not the first time that the turn of a decade had so much change. Jack Yan looks at previous new decades, and remains optimistic
Abridged from the July 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


Luxury precision
This month’s selection shows a far greater degree of precision than what “regular” luxury might demand
From the September 2021 issue of Lucire KSA


Classic with a twist
Puglia-born, London-based Nico Didonna started with a dream to travel, and found himself as one of the UK’s sought-after creators of quality, classic design with a contemporary touch. He tells Jack Yan his story
Photographed by Morax Photography
Modelled by Sophia Nooshin


The calmer days of summer ’21
We feature some late summer (or winter, depending on where you are) débuts, with calm shades and statement jewellery on trend


Fashion for the real world
Gigi Moda has found incredible success in the US in the six years since it started. Its founder and creative director Francine Wathelet shares the secrets to her success with Jack Yan
Photographed by Jonathan Ivan
Modelled by Quintana Quinor
Wardrobe styled by Alan Montes from the Wear the Future showroom
Make-up by Natalie Wertheim
First published in the June 2021 issue of
Lucire KSA


Comfort for summer
The upcoming summer season is all about being comfortable, and who can blame us, after the stresses of the pandemic? We look at accessories from both sides of the Atlantic


Exposing fast fashion
Victoria Whisker speaks with Berlin-based French designer Justine Leconte, who is passionate about ethical fashion and making sure that labels don’t use the COVID-19 crisis to stop paying their suppliers
First published in the October 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


Denim hits high gear
Declare Denim’s unique, handmade denim jackets are conscientiously and sustainably put together for those who consider themselves disruptors and part of a cultural shift. Jack Yan interviews its founder Clare Hamilton
Photographed by Matthias Carette


Creating the future
Annabelle Azadé, the woman behind the first sustainable ‘see-now, buy-now’ digital fashion show, tells Lucire how she went from studying at the Sorbonne in Paris, to travelling the world, to representing and showcasing eco-fashion brands in Los Angeles
Photographed by Matthias Carette


Salone Monet’s nude revolution: made in your shade
Jody Miller talks to Salone Monet, who learned the craft of making luxury shoes herself to redress the balance of an industry that can treat women of colour as an afterthought


Cupid’s kiss
Sopheak Seng asks: why go down the traditional route of chocolate and roses for Valentine’s Day? Think outside the heart-shaped box this year


Citizen of the world
Karnit Aharoni lived and worked all over the world before deciding to create her luxury designer label in France. She tells Jack Yan her story and her approach to creating fashion
Photographed by Greg Alexander
Art-directed by Sébastian Vienne





Fresh starts for the Spanish spring
Madrid wanted audiences to cast off their pandemic-affected winters as it showed vibrant spring 2021 collections. Meg Hamilton makes her picks for the season


For the love of it
Based in Bologna, the Outlierman is a high-end luxury brand creating driving gloves, accessories and bags—all founded on a passion for classic cars. Jack Yan talks to co-founder Andrea Mazzuca
First published in the August 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


Rebuilding nature through fashion
Model, entrepreneur, fashion designer and actress: 25-year-old Joy Corrigan has a passion to protect our planet’s endangered species through the fashion label she founded with her sister. Jack Yan interviews her


Realizing your dreams
How does a successful London-based architect change career and become a shoe designer? Jack Yan talks to Jori Papa, whose unique designs have been winning acclaim internationally
First published in the September 2020 issue of
Lucire KSA


Colourful and inclusive
Clothes should empower and bring a smile to your face, and Adedoyin Okuleye’s Afrispec designs do just that. Bhavana Bhim speaks with the Nigerian-born, New Zealand-based designer
Photographed by the author


Sure-fire fashion
Sustainable accessories’ label Elvis & Kresse—which began by finding a new second life for discarded London Fire Brigade hoses—has an inspirational story that now sees it partner with the Burberry Foundation to handle its leather waste. Jack Yan spoke to co-founder Kresse Wesling
From issue 41 of Lucire


Unmasking the history
From the history books to hot off the runway: Victoria Whisker looks at how the face mask has evolved from necessity to a fashion accessory and why so many people are creating their own
First published in the July 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


The nonconformists
Meg Hamilton examines some of Paris’s best ready-to-wear for autumn–winter 2020–1, discovering that designers were ready to question and break apart convention, letting their creative forces take hold
Photographed by Olivier Saillant, Marie Rouge, and courtesy labels
First published in the May 2020 issue of
Lucire KSA


Coat tales
With winter fast approaching there is no better time to invest in the perfect coat. There is a plethora of options when it comes to outwear this season, from classic camel to textured plaids, and coloured and quilted. There is something to suit any mood, writes Sopheak Seng


Halo effect
Malaika Boysen Haaning, the designer behind Malaika New York, differentiates her label through its commitment to zero waste. Jack Yan interviews the Danish-born, US-based designer
First published in the April 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


Fast and furious fashion
After decades of being the realm of early adopting computer users, e-commerce is now the norm—but will a western or Chinese model prevail? Bhavana Bhim asks
First published in the September 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Exchange you can believe in
Some fashion labels merely preach sustainability. Abury goes several steps further, equipping communities and inspiring creativity. Jack Yan talks to its founder Andrea Bury
Photographed by Suzana Holtgrave
First published in the July 2019 issue of
Lucire KSA


In a more meaningful mode
The fashion, beauty and luxury sectors respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the west, now the hardest hit part of our planet. Jack Yan looks at their activity to date


Less is amore
Jalila Nayil’s minimalist philosophy informs her approach to fashion design with her label Laith. Qurratulain Wahab speaks with her
Photographed by Ayesha Tariq and Jalila Nayil
From the February 2020 issue of
Lucire KSA


The perfect fit
Forget mass production: the perfect pair of shoes should be personally measured and painstakingly hand-crafted in Italy—that’s Barollo’s philosophy. Jack Yan interviews its founder and creative director, Darren Smith
From issue 41 of


Carving her niche
Balqees Bandar is an up-and-coming Saudi fashion stylist and consultant who has converted her passion for fashion into a career in Saudi Arabia. She talks about how she started her journey as a stylist and shares her thoughts on the Saudi fashion industry in this interview with Qurratulain Wahab
Photographed by Adam and Raoufa
From the December 2019 issue of
Lucire KSA


In the mood for love
Think outside the box of traditions, flowers and chocolates when it comes to Valentine’s Day this year. Fashion and beauty editor Sopheak Seng has included some classics, as well as something a little bit more unusual


Escaping the black holes
Colette shut in 2017 and other retailers are either disappearing or selling up. Bhavana Bhim examines how retailers can do some soul-searching to present a more authentic face
From the May 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Fierce loyalty
Wolf & Bear Collective has gained a loyal following in its first year, with a story that resonates alongside a mission to care for our planet, writes Jack Yan
From the December 2019 issue of Lucire KSA






Getting real on faux fur
We look at House of Fluff, one of faux fur’s premier labels that gained such a fast following that it was called upon to re-create Elton John’s coats in Rocketman. Jack Yan interviews House of Fluff founder Kym Canter
From issue 41 of Lucire and the January 2020 issue of Lucire KSA


Reinventing formal wear
Based in Jeddah, Saudi designer Noora Alharthi, is best known for her stylish collections of women’s suits and jackets. Qurratulain Wahab met up with Noora to find out more
From the November 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Best dressed from the beginning
Jessica Rich never set out to be a shoe designer, she tells Meg Hamilton, but she believes she’s found her calling—and she has plenty of support with her celebrity following
From the September 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Making luxury ethical
Saudi designer Sadeem Alshehail launched her prêt-à-couture fashion label Sadeem in 2016. Three years on, she’s already widely recognized as a leader in sustainable design. Qurratulain Wahab met up with her to find out more
From the September 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


A new shape of time
Nepto has shown two watch collections that blend the best of Paris and Berlin styles, writes Meg Hamilton


Ready-to-wear with attitude
Hindamme is a contemporary luxury fashion label inspired by the concept of “east meets west”. Qurratulain Wahab spoke with its founder, Mohammed Khoja
From the August 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Modesty with a French vibe
Saudi designer Sara Rayess launched her Foulard brand in 2011 after noticing a lack of stylish headscarves in the market. Today, Foulard is a go-to brand for elegant and stylish headwear. Qurratulain Wahab met up with Sara to find out more
From the July 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Next-level fashion
Cass, an eco-fashion label founded by French-born designer Eléonore Cass in 2017, has already earned an international reputation with its bold colours and strong ethics. She speaks to Jack Yan
From issue 40 of Lucire and the March 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Bridging cultures
Since launching her own label in 2012, Saudi fashion designer, Nora Al-Shaikh has continued to craft unique designs that bridge cultures and have earned her a loyal following both at home in Saudi Arabia and internationally. Qurratulain Wahab visited Nora at her studio in Jeddah
From the June 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


In praise of slow fashion
Anna Deans, who sources her fabrics for her accessories ethically and in an environmentally friendly way, doesn’t think of her eponymous label as ‘eco-fashion’, writes Jack Yan


The changing of the guard
Numerous labels around the world have new talent: the second half of the decade looks very different to the first. As a result, there’s tension between past and present. Jack Yan looks at some of these labels and wonders what is the right way in 2019


Simply elegant
Malak Ahmed is one of a new generation of young up-and-coming Saudi fashion designers. She launched her brand last year but is already creating waves with ready-to-wear pieces that are simple, elegant and meticulously tailored. She recently launched her Eve collection at the Hub 27.1 concept store in Jeddah. Qurratulain Wahab met with Malak to find out more
From the May 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


From cherry blossoms to rock and roll
Nasiba Hafiz is widely regarded as one of Saudi Arabia’s most avant-garde women’s fashion designers. Her pop-ups have been displayed in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Dubai and London. Qurratulain Wahab visited Nasiba at her home in Jeddah to find out more
From the April 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Pursuing the dream
Since seeing her work among gift bags at Hollywood suites, we became intrigued with Elina Petrosyan, the entrepreneurial teenager with a growing following. Leyla Messian meets her
Photographed by Anna Sargsyan


Restrained glamour
Twenty years of covering New York Fashion Week, and we’ve seen the city go through confidence, recession, and cautious recovery. This season? Lola Cristall makes her picks
Photographed by Mike Coppola, Elvia Gobbo, Dror Baldinger and courtesy the designers


Out of the box
Heather Chapplain’s range of upcycled fashion is winning over celebrities and the fashion-forward alike, writes Jack Yan


Timeless and meaningful
Qurratulain Wahab meets up with one of Saudi Arabia’s leading jewellery designers, Nadine Attar, who talks about the process of crafting unique, timeless and highly personal pieces of jewellery inspired by nature, spirituality and Arab culture
From the March 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


It’s who we are

Each of this month’s luxury items represents their company’s heritage, in more ways than one


Because that’s who I am
Alya al-Sawwaf is a devotee of haute couture and many of her designs under her Swaf brand reflect both her own personality, and the glamour and extravagance found among women in the upper echelons of Saudi Arabian society. Qurratulain Wahab met up with Alya who talked about her unique, maximalist approach to fashion design
From the February 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Future perfect
New York’s ADAY has quickly gained a reputation in sustainable fashion circles, by offering not just stylish designs, but an optimistic outlook, writes Jack Yan
From the January 2019 issue of Lucire KSA


Spring ’19 accessories’ round-up
What’s in style this spring? Our team looks at bags, shoes and a watch that give you more of a special sense this season


The customized is always right
With a fiercely loyal following, and a range of endlessly customizable bags, New York City’s Goldno.8 is a brand to watch. Jack Yan speaks to its founder, Ariane Gold, on her vision


The king of Saudi fashion retail
At the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s fashion retail industry are two brands—Femi9 and Vivid Flair—which are both owned by Fad International. Qurratulain Wahab met up with the company’s founder, Eyad Mashat, to find out more
From the January 2019 issue of
Lucire KSA


Hide and seek
Sibirien Stockholm’s leather accessories are luxurious and sustainably sourced, but it’s the individual care by its founder that makes them truly special, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by Petter Backlund


Getting serious about Saudi fashion
Marriam Mossalli is the founder of Niche Arabia, one of the Middle East’s leading consultancies specializing in fashion and luxury goods. She is a leading voice for Saudi Arabia’s emergent fashion industry. Qurratulain Wahab headed to her offices in Jeddah to find out more
Photographed by Nouf Alhimiary and Lina Qummosani
From the December 2018 issue of
Lucire KSA





Q&A: Brooke Da Cruz on her new Kindred 2 collection
Brooke Da Cruz gives further insight into her latest ethical collection
Photographed by Esther Vis and Courtney Illfield


Le fabuleux destin d’Atelier Paulin
Jack Yan speaks with Anne-Sophie Baillet, whose Atelier Paulin creates hand-crafted jewellery, where no two are identical. Its signature pieces are made up of memorable words, created on demand
From issue 39 of Lucire


The rise and rise of Bench
From humble beginnings with a T-shirt business, to an empire that spans fashion and beauty on a worldwide basis, Ben Chan tells Jack Yan about his philosophy as Bench’s creative director
Photographed by Alan Raga
From issue 35 of


Spring 2019: creativity unleashed
Collaborations, emerging labels, and old favourites all impressed Lola Cristall as she identifies her favourites from New York Fashion Week’s spring–summer 2019 looks
Photographed by Dan Lecca, Mike Coppola, Cindy Ord, Gonzalo Marroquin, Paul Bruinooge, J. P. Yim, and Alpine Baek


Mad for Madrid
It might not have the same cachet as Paris or Milano, but Madrid has plenty of energy and colour to make it one to watch. We look at our favourites from its fashion week
Photographed by Ifema/Ugo Camera


Carole Shashona: breaking stereotypes in jewellery design
One of America’s extraordinary designers tells Elyse Glickman how she designs jewellery as a compass for those who prefer walking the road less travelled


Fall says volumes
Lola Cristall chooses her favourites among New York’s finest as she reviews their fall 2018 collections
Photographed by Dan Lecca, Frazer Harrison, and Edward James


Spring has sprung
What are our favourite looks right now from New York’s designers? Lola Cristall makes her picks
Photographed by Dan and Corina Lecca, Frazer Harrison, Edward James, Kevin Sturman and Monica Schipper

From issue 38 of Lucire


A fashionable ethos
Sarah Arnold-Hall catches up with Brooke Da Cruz, who recently launched her début sustainable fashion collection
Photographed by Emma Gray
Modelled by the author

From issue 38 of Lucire





In living colour
In another look back at our archives as we celebrate 20 years: Hale Bob brings a global edge and a feminine sensibility to US west coast fashion. In 2008, Elyse Glickman visited Moroccan-born, French-educated creator Daniel Bohbot and director of marketing Marc Springer
From issue 26 of Lucire


A Conscious decision
An article of our times—in fact, it’s from earlier this year in our print edition, and a New Zealand exclusive. Natalia Vodianova has been quietly going about her work as a model, while creating a charity and a donation app, but now she’s stepped into sustainable fashion as she models for H&M’s Conscious Exclusive collection. Jack Yan looks at the collaboration
From issue 37 of Lucire


Taking on the Iconic role
Connor Tieman interviews Tom Simpson, head of menswear at the Australian online fashion retailer, the Iconic, on his work and what trends he expects for spring–summer 2017–18
From issue 38 of Lucire


H&M’s capital idea
Jack Yan and Sopheak Seng meet H&M’s country sales’ manager for New Zealand, Daniel Lattemann, inside its newest store in Queensgate, near Wellington, its opening imminent


The end of convention
Times may be uncertain, but designers are sending a clear message: it’s time to shake off convention in New York, as Lola Cristall chooses her favourites from the autumn–winter 2017–18 shows
Photographed by Thomas Kletecka and Dan Lecca
From issue 37 of


When Dreams Turn to Gold
A new exhibition in Dunedin celebrates New Zealand fashion, looking back through the years when design was prime-time at the Benson & Hedges Fashion Design Awards. Chris Park checks it out
Photographed by the author


Making his way in fashion
Jack Hill has a love of making things, and that’s reflected in fashion with a utilitarian streak, including his own line in sustainable shoes featuring hevea milk soles. Chris Park speaks with him
Photographed by the author


One to one with Paulo Melim Andersson
Chris Park catches up with the Swedish-born designer whose work has graced the lines of Marni, Chloé, and Zadig & Voltaire
Catwalk photographed by the author


Demystifying Stephen Jones
In another look back at our 20 years, Stephen Jones, OBE, one of the great names in millinery, talked to Jack Yan in 2013 about his creative process, his drive, and his favourite collection
Photographed by Yvonne Shearer
Catwalk photographed by Matthew Beveridge
From issue 30 of


Bust–waist–hip: the skinny on fashion’s body weight dilemma
As part of our ongoing 20th anniversary celebrations, in this special feature originally published in 2007, Summer Rayne Oakes discusses the fashion industry’s international effort to increase awareness about health and eating disorders, and the pressures of maintaining a healthy body image in the modelling industry
Catwalk photographs by Janet Liu
From issue 22 of Lucire


African fashion adds edge in London
With African fashion on the ascent, Bhavana Bhim checks out Africa Fashion Week in London behind-the-scenes
Photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


Seven trends for ’17
Nathalia Archila picks out seven trends that will get you looking right in fashion for the coming year


A guide to 2017 fashion
In the third part of our 2017 introductions, Nathalia Archila and Lola Cristall pick out their highlights as the year commences





Contemporary chic
Lola Cristall chooses the most on-trend designers from the spring–summer 2017 shows at New York Fashion Week
From issue 36 of Lucire


Paris’s fierce autumn
Lola Cristall looks back at Paris’s autumn–winter 2016–17 shows, where designers tapped into a fierce, strong vibe for the uncertain times ahead
Photographed by Marco Severini, Carlo Scarpato, Foto Ugo Camera, and courtesy designers


Win a limited-edition Jaguar × Crane Brothers tie
We have two of these stunning ties to give away—all you need to do is become a Facebook fan of ours and like the post


Fierce is fashionable for fall
Lola Cristall reports from New York Fashion Week’s fall–winter 2016–17 shows, finding that ethnic influences and urban armour played on our favourite US designers’ thinking for the season
Photographed by Dan Lecca, Randy Brooks, Nina Choi, Peter Stigter, Monica Felix, and courtesy designers


Seizing the moment: Paris spring–summer 2016
Lola Cristall rounds up her favourites from Paris Fashion Week’s spring–summer 2016 collections
Photographed by Shoji Fuji, Helle Moos, Pixelformula, Gio Staiano, and courtesy designers


Timi Hayek: sheer charm, relaxed sportswear
Tamara Madison talks to Beirut-based designer and Central Saint Martins alumna Timi Hayek, delivering an understated, minimalist æsthetic with her latest collections




Lucire’s 2015 Christmas wish list
Fashion and beauty editor Sopheak Seng lists his must-haves for Christmas 2015


New York, new locations, new collections
Paris editor Lola Cristall journeys to New York to check out the spring–summer 2016 collections, held against the fresh setting of new venues
Photographed by Dan and Corina Lecca, Marcelo Soubhia, Marcus Tondo, Estrop Barcelona, Jared Siskin, Rodin Banica, Frazer Harrison, and Rob Kim


All about Eveden
US west coast editor Elyse Glickman and correspondent Jody Miller build a new foundation of knowledge with lingerie experts from Eveden, and view new collections of fabulous, frilly finds for all body types
Photographs courtesy Eveden and by Elyse Glickman


Paris’s time to dazzle
Lola Cristall finds another sparkling haute couture season in Paris for autumn–winter 2015–16


Paris’s fantastic journeys for autumn–winter
Lola Cristall, having returned to her Paris base, tells us her favourite autumn–winter 2015–16 picks from the French capital, where designers transported us to far-flung, fanciful settings


Autumn in the city
Lola Cristall selects her favourite autumn–winter 2015–16 looks from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, a season where glimpses of nature shone through the urban settings of the collections
photographed by Dan Lecca, Estrop Barcelona, Dean Neville/BFA NYC, Fuzhong Yang, Ryan Zhou and Rodin Banica


Spring 2015 couture: it’s all in the details
There is a satisfying breeze that blows through the Parisian air during haute couture week, which again demonstrated unblemished creativity and sophistication, says Lola Cristall




Naot goes one step further
Israel’s Naot shoes and boots not only offer state-of-the art comfort and fashion-forward styles, they’re stepping into a good cause in Los Angeles, writes Elyse Glickman


New York’s back in the sunshine
Lola Cristall chooses her top picks from the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York spring–summer 2015 runways, resplendent with sharp colours and radiant hues
photographed by Frazer Harrison, Dan Lecca, Randy Brooke and Mike Coppola


A wildly varying Parisian springtime
Paris editor Lola Cristall looks back at the many contrasts among the spring–summer 2015 collections, from Sharon Wauchab to Jean Paul Gaultier
photographed by Nigel Pacquette


From Project to reality
On the eve of showing at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York, Geneviève Hole profiles Project Runway alumna Layana Aguilar
photographed by Javier Mota, Sean Williams and Thomas de Los Santos
from issue 32 of Lucire


Paris’s haute couture intricacies
Haute couture fashion week’s five-day extravaganza in Paris is filled with sophistication, class and splendour, writes Lola Cristall


Q&A: Pardon My French
With New Zealand Fashion Week fast approaching, Lucire talks to some designers to find the low-down on what makes them tick. First up is Lucy Kemp of Pardon My French
interviewed by Sopheak Seng


Designer looks for fewer dollars
Matt Zwartz takes the mystery out of Onceit, where buyers can get discounted designer fashion, thanks to the business’s just-in-time model


The making of a Lucire cover
A special treat: have a look behind the scenes at Lucire issue 32’s cover shoot in the UK, with Claire Harrison and her team


Mastering menswear this winter
A quick Q&A with Rex Massey-Molloy, Working Style’s director, on the trends in menswear for winter 2014


Paris’s first-class autumn
Lola Cristall soaks up the atmosphere of the catwalk shows and presentations at the autumn–winter 2014–15 shows in Paris


Joanna Startek’s neo-classics
Joanna Startek began designing interior décor, but now, creating menswear, she has her sights set on the international market. Tamara Madison speaks with her


Salisbury Boutique is building success
Jack Yan talks to Sheryl McPherson, the driving force behind Dunedin’s fashionable Salisbury Boutique—the one to watch if you want to find the next big thing


Chic and the city
Lola Saab gives a glance at her Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York diary from the fall–winter 2014–15 shows


A return to Parisian classicism
The spring–summer 2014 haute couture shows highlighted a certain sophistication returning to Parisian design, says Lola Saab


Sol Sana: affordable luxury
Australian shoe label Sol Sana caught Anna Deans’s eye for its fashion-forward approach and its luxury touches at an affordable price. She talks to its creator, Sara Caverley





Simple and sheer for a New York spring
Lola Saab is impressed by the feminine looks during the spring shows in New York, even though her week kicked off with a more masculine event
photographed by Dan Lecca and courtesy Fashion GPS Radar


Alexandria von Bromssen: the show must go on
Tamara Madison interviews Bay Area designer, Alexandria von Bromssen, one of the Project Runway finalists who showed at New York Fashion Week


Matthew’s style-by
Anna Deans analyses Lindex’s latest collaboration, with designer Matthew Williamson as stylist, and model Karlie Kloss
photographed by Giampalo Sgura


Tactile contrast at Vic Matié
Anna Deans looks at Vic Matié’s spring–summer 2014 collection and how nature’s elements inspired it


Un carnet de mode
Paris editor Lola Saab has had an eventful June, examining jewellery, menswear and the autumn–winter 2013–14 haute couture collections


Darkblack’s irreverent edge
Jade Muirhead creates jewellery under her eponymous label and as Darkblack, both of which have a characterful, irreverent and glamorous feeling to it. Jack Yan talks to the designer and learns about the personality driving the designs
photographed by the author


Finding beauty in the gutter
Elina Lukas talks to designer Tessa Metcalfe, who casts jewellery from pigeons’ feet, changing the perceptions people have of the birds
photographed by the author


Centre-stage in Los Angeles
Urbana Chappa and Ermelinda Manos take centre-stage at LA Fashion Weekend, and modern fashion design to extremes in the process, reports Elva Zevallos
photographed by Jon Malan


Keeping an eye on Portugal’s fashion
Lola Saab travelled to Portugal to view all that fashion week had on offer for autumn–winter 2013–14, fabulously staged in the historic buildings of Lisboa and Porto
photographs courtesy Portugal Fashion


The rise and rise of Undone
Jack Yan checks out Undone, one of Lucire’s must-have labels from New Zealand’s deep south, and the stand-out at ID Dunedin Fashion Week
photographed by Matthew Beveridge/Matthew Beveridge Photography


A shapely autumn
Lola Saab took to the runways of Paris Fashion Week for the autumn–winter 2013–14 collections, and found sensuality and geometry on the designers’ minds


Runaway circus
Sopheak Seng is impressed with Mondegreen’s autumn–winter 2013 collection, with a new twist to what the label is already known for


Eva Mendes’s great ex-spec-tations
Spring has sprung in Los Angeles, and along with it, a new collection of eyewear intended to put fashionistas into a sunnier frame of mind, reports Elyse Glickman
photographed by Charley Gallay/Getty Images


Play time
The latest collection from Anna Popovich, now out in stores, takes its inspiration from superheroes. Elina Lukas spoke with her about her thinking behind her spring styles
photographed by the author


London diary
While Doug Rimington photographed the main event, Elina Lukas visited a few other shows during London Fashion Week, including the weekend festivities where she spoke to Verity & Violet
photographed by the author


Van Cleef & Arpels: 500 reasons to envy
The pinnacle of luxury: the Van Cleef & Arpels: the Art of Fine Jewellery exhibition moves on to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Lola Saab attends
photographs courtesy Van Cleef & Arpels





Walk the line
Photographer Douglas Rimington heads to a London car park to take in Sorapol’s spring–summer 2013 collection, which references the drug-hazed hedonism of the 1970s
photographed by the author


Global nomad
Spring has finally sprung and, with it, new trends which we can bask and experiment with. Continuing on from last season’s tribal look, the globe-trotting traveller is still big
by Sopheak Seng


Fashion talks with Cushnie et Ochs
Lola Saab heads to a Q&A with Michelle Ochs and Carly Cushnie, the duo behind Cushnie et Ochs, who showed their spring–summer 2013 collection at New York Fashion Week


Unravelling the new
Complementing our print edition’s spring–summer 2013 preview, Paris editor Lola Saab reviews the New York collections to pick out her favourites for the new season


Rockabilly meets couture
Maranda Bodas speaks with Tiia Vanhatapio about her metamorphosis as a designer and what it takes to make it in the Finnish market


Trends at New Zealand Fashion Week, autumn–winter 2013
Sopheak Seng identifies the trends from New Zealand Fashion Week’s autumn–winter 2013 shows, while Greg Jennings puts together a week’s worth of footage into a stunning video montage


Close encounters of the transcendent kind
For spring 2013, Los Angeles-based designer Sue Wong pushes her signature style into a new dimension, replacing elaborate beading with intricate tailoring
by Elyse Glickman and Elva Zevallos


All access to accessories
Lola Saab heads across the Atlantic to the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center to check out the latest accessories, from Seychelles’ shoes to inventive helmets adorned with Swarovski crystals


Through the looking-glass
Take a trip through a world of make-believe and dress-up
photographed by Victor Huang
styled by Sopheak Seng


Emerging trends hit Paris
Five designers got their moment in Paris as the Emerging Trends Fashion Challenge headed across the Pond. Rhonda Richford followed their progress
photographed by Vitaliy Djamgarov


Feminine, fluid and classic
Elina Lukas meets Mary Franck, an award-winning milliner who loves extraordinary materials, while keeping her designs wearable and comfortable
photographed by the author


Couture’s celluloid inspirations
Lola Saab reports on Jean Paul Gaultier and Givenchy’s autumn–winter 2012–13 haute couture collections, both of which have a film connection
photographed by Patrice Stable for Jean Paul Gaultier and courtesy Givenchy


Miromoda 2012’s unique stories
In his third year judging Miromoda, publisher Jack Yan reports on the 2012 winners who will go on to New Zealand Fashion Week, at the awards’ ceremony at Te Puni Kōkiri in Wellington
photographed by Nikita Brown


Another win, and a fresh start
Jack Yan interviews Miss Abigail’s Abigail Moir, the winner of the Young Designers’ Award at Wellington Fashion Week, about to embark on creating uniforms for the Museum Art Hotel’s reception staff
photographed by the author


Julian Danger sees Violet
The Lucire team attends Violet, Julian Danger’s spring–summer 2012–13 show, during Wellington Fashion Week. Roanna Bell reports, and talks to designer Amy-Rose Goulding
photographed by Nikita Brown
from issue 28 of


The golden middle
Irena Lane is a talented womenswear designer based in London’s South Bank, her label Lagom drawing inspiration from classic feminine silhouettes. Elina Lukas spoke with her
photographed by the author


Harajuku makes its move to the next level
Yuka Murai gives an in-depth look at the Harajuku fashion movement, which has spawned a number of events that have been driven by people, rather than big brands


How to wear vintage
Vintage is always a hot topic of fashion, and approaching the subject can sometimes feel a little tricky. Here are Lucire’s top hits for how to wear vintage, as written by Roanna Bell
creative direction by Sopheak Seng
photographed by Roger Wong


Sydney’s dignified fashion week
Viviana Pannell admires the Aussie designers who are keeping their chin up despite the global financial crisis, and recounts her favourites from Mercedes-Benz Australian Fashion Week for spring–summer 2012–13


Topping the charts with help from Vancouver Fashion Week
Roanna Bell looks at the offerings from Vancouver Fashion Week to see what the key trends and emerging shapes are for autumn–winter 2012–13
photographed by Stan Lau, Eugenio Flores and Lawrence Lu


Inspired by imaginary idols
Sarmite Ostanevica is a Latvian-born designer based in London. Lucire’s new London contributor Elina Lukas spoke with Ostanevica about her design and inspiration
photographed by the author


Paris screams fashion, out loud
Fashion doesn’t stop just because the collections aren’t in town. Lola Saab looks at Guy Laroche, Pollini and Olympe75018
some photographs by François Ollivier/Abonnedistance


Paris’s fashion craze
Lola Saab continues her look at Paris Fashion Week’s autumn–winter 2012–13 season, examining in greater depth the collections from Allude, K11, Valentin Yudashkin, Basil Soda and Masha Ma


Go sister, sole sister, go
Sisters Aritsa and Valia Anastopoulos takes their artisanal shoe business to great heights by melding their Greek grandparents’ shoemaking legacy with precious components and contemporary design
by Elyse Glickman


Paris Fashion Week autumn–winter 2012–13: the journey begins
In part one of our in-depth Paris Fashion Week reviews, Lola Saab gives her in-depth look at the early shows, with Fátima Lopes, Corrado de Biase, Steffie Christiaens and Dévastée


Berlin: bright and bold for winter
From patterns to bright colours, Lilith-Fynn Herrmann checks out the best of Berlin’s autumn–winter 2012–13 catwalk
photographed by Maurice Luckett/Fashion Aviator, and Dan and Corina Lecca/Getty Images


London’s finest
The best of London’s autumn–winter 2012–13 catwalk as selected by Lilith-Fynn Herrmann, with words by the Lucire staff
photographed by Maurice Luckett/Fashion Aviator


Lisboa’s fashion transfusion
Tiago Espirito Santo looks at Lisboa’s spring–summer 2012 catwalk, with its fashion week entitled Transfusion
photographed by Rui Vasco


Upping the ante in footwear
Shoe lovers in Wellington now have a new destination: Shoezies is back on its feet on Wakefield Street
by Jack Yan
photographed by the author and Sopheak Seng


Top 10 Valentine’s Day 2012 picks
Sopheak Seng has his tips for those wanting to create a little surprise this Valentine’s Day


New York’s flawless fashion, and beyond
Lola Saab and Jack Yan look at some of their on-trend favourites from New York’s spring 2012 catwalk as the items hit the stores
photographed by Stephen Ciuccoli, Dan Lecca, Frazer Harrison and Mike Coppola


Glammed up for a spring party
Mostly with light fabrics, our second part of our Vancouver Fashion Week spring–summer 2012 coverage reveals glamorous dresses and fun beachwear, writes Eeli Y
photographed by Peter Jensen, Nick Siu, Waleed Khalid and Yiheng Su


From the runway to yoga mats
Vivienne Tam’s yoga wear range is not only about taking her spring æsthetic into a new type of clothing: Tam herself is an experienced yoga practitioner and has created this range with enthusiasts in mind, explains Lola Saab
photographed by Collective Edit


Double strength in Tokyo
After having the earlier event cancelled due to a devastating earthquake and tsunami, Mercedes-Benz Japan Fashion Week came back with extra pizazz, as Yuka Murai reports





A bright spring in Vancouver
Eeli Y and Vicki Matias with their run-down on the first days of the spring–summer 2012 collections at Vancouver Fashion Week
photographed by Peter Jensen


A philharmonic fashion sense
Christina Kim, the designer behind Zuzu Kim, blends comfort with confidence, keen to build on the wearer’s own sense of self-expression, writes Lola Saab


Exploring the art and architecture of shopping in West Hollywood
West Hollywood Celebrates Fashion’s Night Out upped the fashion quotient this year: Elyse Glickman had a peek before the celebrities and shoppers


Andrew Wedge is one to watch
Ian MacKintosh looks at up-and-coming designer, Andrew Wedge, who has already impressed those on the cutting-edge of fashion


Fashion’s third dimension
Lola Saab talks to Norma Kamali, finding out what inspired the designer to adopt a three-dimensional theme for her spring–summer 2012 collection


London Fashion Week: the bold and the colourful
Katherine Thomson sees a continued emphasis on bold patterns and colours among London’s spring–summer 2012 collections
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


From Cleopatra to safaris at London Fashion Week
Katherine Thomson looks at the spring–summer 2012 collections from Fashion East, Holly Fulton, Marios Schwab and Unique
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


Milano: sophistication through subtlety
Jazz, Spain and the American west all played their part in inspiring Milano designers for spring–summer 2012, write Katherine Thomson and Ella Garland-Levett
photographed by Thomas Salme


London Fashion Week: effortless femininity
Ella Garland-Levett and Katherine Thomson dissect day two of London Fashion Week’s very feminine spring–summer 2012 collections
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


Boston brings unity with Emerging Trends Show
The Emerging Trends Show showcased 17 international up-and-coming designers, cementing Boston Fashion Week’s reputation as an event that unites
photographed by Cirestudios


Cibeles rocks, in Technicolor
Joanna Mroczkowska reports from the spring–summer 2012 edition of Cibeles Madrid, as the Spanish designers let loose with brighter colours than we’ve seen at other fashion weeks
photographed by Victor Puig


Making it on to the wish list
Workshop Denim and Helen Cherry might have had contrasting styles for autumn–winter 2012, but, as Vicki Matias explains, both collections are right on-trend, with the latter making her wish list


A fairy tale come true
No wonder they got a standing ovation. Sopheak Seng looks back at the acclaimed Mister autumn–winter 2012 collection as shown atNew Zealand Fashion Week
photographed by Michael Ng


Six of Argentina’s best
Lola Saab looks at the Argentine Designers’ joint show at New York Fashion Week, and chats to architect-turned-designer Min Agostini
photographed by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images


In the first of our in-depth New Zealand Fashion Week features for autumn–winter 2012, Vicki Matias reflects on her (out of this) World experience
photographed by Lisa Wilson/Lisa Wilson Photography


Cool, calm, and Blak
Teresa Hodges never ceases to amaze with her ingenious combinations and creations. Sabine Ernest interviews her
photographs courtesy Ciel PR


Berlin: urban and edgy
Sabine Ernest looks at the spring–summer 2012 collections in Germany’s capital
photographed by Maurice Luckett/Fashion Aviator and Anna-Priska Hübsch


A brushstroke on the runway
Stéphane Rolland took his haute couture inspiration from Chinese calligraphy, as Lola Saab and Léona d’Huy reveal
photographs courtesy Stéphane Rolland


A summer ’12 summary
Sabine Ernest looks at the most fashionable summer 2012 styles in stores now in New Zealand


Mastering the art of moderation
Deryn Schmidt rings in the summer trends with both playful and professional pieces, by Sopheak Seng


A magical splash of diamonds
Much was said about Charlene Wittstock’s wedding gown, but what of her tiara at the reception? Lola Saab looks more closely at Lorenz Bäumer’s creation for Princess Charlène
photographs courtesy Lorenz Bäumer


Crystalline couture
Elie Saab’s autumn–winter 2011–12 haute couture collection, shown at the Théâtre National de Chaillot, literally sparkled on the catwalk, reports Lola Saab
photographs courtesy Elie Saab


White lace and promises
Lola Saab heads to the Hôtel d’Evreux for Riccardo Tisci’s autumn–winter 2011–12 haute couture collection for Givenchy, with three rooms enveloping visitors in the designs’ beauty
photographs courtesy Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci


Migration stories
With his second collection at Paris Fashion Week—his fourth to date—Ehud Joseph has shown his strength as a designer, writes Sopheak Seng


Living la dolce vita
Boucheron’s latest collection, Dolce Riviera, brings extra beauty to the house’s newly refurbished flagship store on the place Vendôme, writes Lola Saab


Regal with a dash of rock
In the third of a series of reports from Paris’s haute couture week, Lola Saab and Léona d’Huy attend Basil Soda’s autumn–winter 2011–12 collection on the rue Saint-Honoré
photographs courtesy Basil Soda


A paradise of luxury
Van Cleef & Arpels’ latest jewellery collection takes its inspiration from five legendary balls. Lola Saab talks to Nick Foulkes, who researched them for his new book, working alongside Van Cleef & Arpels’ Nicolas Bos
photographs courtesy Van Cleef & Arpels


Midnight magic at Chanel
Chanel’s autumn–winter 2011–12 haute couture collection was set in a re-creation of the Place Vendôme, as Karl Lagerfeld masterfully taps once more into the soul of Coco, writes Vicki Matias
photographs courtesy Chanel


Cerruti’s oceanic spring
Lola Saab talks to Cerruti’s artistic director, Zoran Bosanac, after the spring–summer 2012 menswear show in Paris, about the company’s design direction and what the brand means to him
photographs courtesy Cerruti


Sydney’s multiple inspirations
Josephine Leong and Ashleigh Berry pick their favourites from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week’s spring–summer 2011–12 collections, where Kate Sylvester and Stolen Girlfriends’ Club flew the Kiwi flag high
photographed by Hamish McLaren


A modern ritual
We begin the spring–summer 2011–12 season by looking at one of Wellington’s hardest-working young design talents, Hermione Flynn, by Sopheak Seng


Tokyo fashion: after the ’quake
Despite a devastating earthquake and tsunami, the show must go on. Yuka Murai looks at three designers who defied the odds and showed autumn–winter 2011–12 collections
photographs courtesy Japan Fashion Week


Our New York fall ’11 preview
Sopheak Seng and Lola Saab make their picks on the best of New York Fashion Week’s autumn–winter 2011–12 collections
photographed by Dan Lecca, Getty Images, Stephen Ciuccoli, and courtesy Nicole Miller


An array of collars
Lola Saab meets Christine Rhee and Linh Thi Do, who have created their new accessories’ label, Eleven Objects, which kicks off fall 2011 with a range of creative and expressive collars


Inspiring location, inspiring fashion
Joanna Mroczkowska reports from the latest Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week in Poland, held in the city of Łódź
photographed by Moda Forte


Oscar de la Renta: from artist to fashion icon
Lola Saab delves into the history of Oscar de la Renta as she joins him at the Fashion Talks series at the French Institute Alliance Française in New York
catwalk photography by Dan Lecca


Sarah Riley bites back
Fans of Auckland-based shoe designer Sarah Riley will be glad to hear that she is returning to the business after a two-year hiatus. Lucire finds out what she has been up to


In living colour
Design Indaba, the hands-on, break-out fashion and lifestyle expo, keeps the youth, energy and optimism of the “new South Africa” relevant nearly two decades into the country’s new era, reports Elyse Glickman
photographed by Sydelle Willow Smith/the Imaginarium


Dressing up a storm
Dresses are still a big trend. You will be spoilt for choice this season: there are a multitude of prints, drapes and tucks, and every one’s oh-so-pretty. Layer it up with fine knits and these dresses will see you through a cold winter’s day, says Sopheak Seng


The peak of extravagant luxury
Jewellery designer Lorenz Bäumer creates dazzling pieces from his Paris base, collaborating with the likes of Louis Vuitton and Guerlain. Lola Saab talks to him about his inspirations and creations
photographed by Fred Marigaux


Lanvin’s autumn menswear: classiness with a twist
Lola Saab talks to Alber Elbaz as he reveals his thinking behind Lanvin’s autumn–winter 2011–12 menswear collection
photographs courtesy Lanvin


Top 10 menswear items for winter ’11
As temperatures drop, it’s time to invest in classic pieces that will see you through the winter. Shades of grey and black dominate but accentuate it with pops of colour, says Sopheak Seng


Tory Burch’s universe
Tory Burch’s wearable, fluid and sophisticated looks have earned her a loyal following—and she’s come a long way since Oprah Winfrey called her ‘the next big thing’ in 2005, writes Lola Saab
photographed by Charles Thompson


Pamela Golbin: fashion’s language defined
Lola Saab speaks with Pamela Golbin, the Chief Curator of the Musée de la Mode et du Textile at the Louvre, on her series of talks featuring Tory Burch, Lorenz Bäumer and Oscar de la Renta
photographed by Julien Vallé


Oxford calling
Douglas Rimington attends the 2011 edition of Oxford Fashion Week, and is impressed by the venues. It also managed to draw in some big names
photographed by the author


Vivienne Westwood: a funky fashion statement
Lola Saab looks at Dame Vivienne Westwood’s designs through the 1980s at a new exhibition at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology
photographed by Maurice Luckett/Fashion Aviator


Cover up: coats for winter ’11
With the impending colder days and nights upon us, the hunt is on for the perfect winter cover-up: the coat. This season you will be spoilt for choice. Kate Goodbehere seeks out your winter comforters


The colour of a Madrid winter
Joanna Mroczkowska reports from Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week, which can lay claim to being one of the biggest in the world. So why don't we hear more from Iberian designers?
photographed by Victor Puig


A journey with Van Cleef & Arpels
Lola Saab embarks on a tour with Van Cleef & Arpels, taking in its latest designs in Paris on la Place Vendôme and examining its history at the Cooper–Hewitt in the Big Apple


All that glitters
Sopheak Seng chooses what should next go into his jewellery box from his favourite New Zealand designers


Joaquín Trías’s definition of fashion
Continuing our series of designer interviews at New York Fashion Week, Lola Saab talks to Joaquín Trías as he shows his fall 2011 collection at Lincoln Center


A closer look at London Fashion Week
Vicki Matias looks at the London Fashion Week autumn–winter 2011–12 collections and casts a trained designer’s eye over them
photographed by Maurice Luckett/Fashion Aviator


Zambesi maintains its edge
Sopheak Seng saves the best till last: Zambesi was our favourite of New Zealand Fashion Week’s autumn–winter 2011 collections
photographed by Xavier Zalazar


The Binetti woman
Lola Saab talks to Diego Binetti, who has created a fall 2011 collection for women whom he calls ‘dominant, very powerful, elegant and sophisticated’
photographed by Henry Dziekan/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz


A resurgent Berlin
Vicki Matias gives her round-up of Berlin’s autumn–winter 2011–12 collections, with confidence the underlying theme
photographed by Maurice Luckett/Fashion Aviator and Anna-Priska Hübsch


A cabinet of curiosities
Lola Saab visits Boucheron’s boutique at the Place Vendôme, where she indulges in the items that make up the house’s latest collection, Cabinet of Curiosities


Springtime in Lisboa
Tiago Espirito Santo brings us his coverage of Moda Lisboa, and the spring–summer 2011 collections of Portugal’s top designers


Dark theatre
Nom D’s autumn–winter 2011 collection at New Zealand Fashion Week ranked as one of our favourites, for the mood and sculpture that it conveyed, writes Sopheak Seng
photographed by Michael Ng


On a high
Sopheak Seng continues to choose his favourites from New Zealand Fashion Week: Blak Luxe has surfaced to become one of the must-have labels, while Huffer introduces a stronger focus on womenswear, with new designer Aimée McFarlane
photographed by Janet Liu/Vision 8 Photography


Far-flung dreams
Stolen Girlfriends had the must-see collection for autumn–winter 2011, while Sera Lilly took us to the Iberian peninsula with her designs, as Sopheak Seng continues his look at our New Zealand Fashion Week favourites
photographed by Michael Ng





The fresh prince of Poland
Konrad Parol’s spring–summer 2011 collection was another fresh and funky range, diving into H. G. Wells’s The Time Machine for inspiration, reports Joanna Mroczkowska
photographed by Łukasz Dziewic


Getting on to Santa’s list
Have you been naughty or nice this year? There is still time to get on the good list and you’ll want to after seeing what might be under your tree, writes Sopheak Seng


Summer dressing
’Tis the season of parties! So frock up in some of the best dresses out there. Sopheak Seng checks out the summer collections


Lanvin loves H&M in New York, too
Lanvin and H&M brought a touch of Parisian joie de vivre to New York, launching the fruits of their collaboration Stateside last night
photographed by Dan Lecca, Patrick McMullan, Jamie McCarthy/WireImage for H&M, and Billy Farrell Agency


The summer knows
Girls, don’t get hot under the collar: keep your cool this summer with our top ten picks, as chosen by fashion editor Sopheak Seng


Alexandra Owen: the art of fashion
In our series of our favourite New Zealand Fashion Week autumn–winter 2011 collections, we kick off with Alexandra Owen. Sopheak Seng reviews her latest
photographed by Janet Liu/Vision 8 Photography


Summer man
Our fashion editor Sopheak Seng put together this summer top ten for the guys to keep up with the summer fashion and goodies. Girls, keep your eyes out for possible Christmas presents!


Tadashi Shoji’s artistic landscape
Tadashi Shoji chose a more intimate way to present his spring–summer 2011 collection at New York Fashion Week, as Lola Saab discovers
contributions by Morgan Davison and Stanley Moss
New York Fashion Week images photographed by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images


A honeymoon after 25 years
Panos Emporio extends its brand to men’s and women’s clothing collections as it celebrates its quarter-century in 2011. Jack Yan looks at the move


London menswear: off to another world
London Fashion Week’s last day was all about menswear, with camouflage to heraldry inspiring the designers, writes Morgan Davison
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


Roma to colonial India, via the wild west
Day five of London Fashion Week ranged from androgyny to the US west, from ancient Rome to colonial India, writes Morgan Davison
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


From feathers to fighters
Day four of London Fashion Week was about contrasts, says Morgan Davison
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


Prints charming
Morgan Davison looks at day three of London Fashion Week, featuring Basso & Brooke and Jasper Conran
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


London flare
There’s more variety and volume from the second day of London Fashion Week
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


A lighter touch in London
We give our picks from the first day of London Fashion Week's spring-summer 2011 collections
photographed by Douglas Rimington/Detune Photography


A preview at Pierre Garroudi Gallery
Douglas Rimington heads to Pierre Garroudi’s gallery for a personal look at the designer’s spring–summer 2011 collection
photographed by the author


Mister’s aquatic life
Mister's spring-summer 2010-11 line takes its inspiration from the water, writes Sopheak Seng


A passion blossoms
Rupert Sanderson got out of the advertising business to find fortune and fame—collaborating with Karl Lagerfeld, among others—in the luxury shoe design business. He talks to Cassandra Murnieks


Accessories, accessories, accessories!
You'll be amazed at what some accessories will do to your wardrobe-our top 10 picks


A grammatical game
Kowtow's summer 2010-11 collection continues its eco-conscious bent, with a monochromatic palette, writes Sopheak Seng


Swimwear ’11: elegance and adventure
The trends at the Mercedes-Benz Swim collections at Miami Beach indicate either a more affluent period in 2011, or more of the same
photographed by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz


Winter warmer
Now that the weather is getting cooler, we all need to think about how to keep warm. Here are some ideas to get you through those frosty mornings


Making your sustainable start
There’s no reason you have to look like a homeless hippie while caring for the environment. Uma Lele gathered these for you as a starting point for your journey to the green side


Gisèle is back and on-trend
Gisèle Bündchen appears in her first fashion campaign since giving birth, for Colcci’s autumn–winter 2010 line
photographs courtesy Colcci


Fashion force: Lisboa’s spring–sum­mer ’10
After the financial meltdown,the force is back all through major European fashion capitals and Lisboa is no exception. New trends, designers and attitude are settling back in to Portugal's fashion week, says Tiago Espirito Santo


Lucas Ossendrijver: le monde à la mode
Lola Saab talks to Lanvin’s designer, Lucas Ossendrijver, revealing in our exclusive interview his methods and what we can expect from upcoming seasons
photography courtesy Lanvin


Print and patterns
Bring out the inner you that no one sees with the pattern and prints of your choice


Top marks at Massey
Jack Yan sees that Massey University’s standards are rising again, in time for its 10th anniversary graduate show
photographed by Lisa Wilson/Lisa Wilson Photography


Colour wheel
Uma Lele found some colour for your winter styles


Much more than a bit on the side
Douglas Rimington took his camera to Somerset House for the designer exhibition during London Fashion Week
photographed by Douglas Rimington/


It’s all in the detail
Samantha Hannah searched out these gems just for you


A day at the races
Samantha Hannah has her race-day picks for the southern summer


Ladies of the sea
A beautiful, romantic story—take yourself from the house to the ocean, styled by our own Samantha Hannah
photographed by Luke Calder/Luke Calder Photography
Excerpted from issue 28 of Lucire


A dream within a dream
Our summer 2010 swimwear shoot at Wellington, New Zealand’s Sanctum Apartments, styled by Bronwyn Williams
photographed by Douglas Rimington/


Armani’s Fox news
Megan Fox is Armani’s new face for spring–summer 2010, replacing Posh and Becks
photographed by Mert & Marcus


All that glitters
Elyse Glickman looks in to buying fine gems and jewellery for weddings-it's a slightly different process to fashion items, as she talks to gem experts


Starting ’10 with 10
Samantha Hannah makes her picks on some of summer’s must-haves





Fashion, freedom and Abi Ferrin
Abi Ferrin has a passion for the environment, as her spring–summer 2010 collection, inspired by the Costa Rican rainforest, reveals by Lola Saab
catwalk photographed by Elizabeth Lippman


Sonia Rykiel’s Parisian spectacle
Sonia Rykiel and H&M launched their collaboration with a spectacular party-a mini-carnival, in the words of Kate Bosworth-at the Grand Palais


Rio continued to rock
It wasn’t just about Diddy and Versace: there was more buzz from Oi Fashion Rocks Brasil
photographed by Pedro Kirilos and Luisa Gomes/Getty Images


Versace rocks with Diddy
The first day of Oi Fashion Rocks Brasil in Rio de Janeiro saw some great collections, but Diddy rapping for Versace was the highlight
photographed by Pedro Kirilos/Getty Images


Jimmy Choo gets the party started
Hennes & Mauritz’s Jimmy Choo collaboration means that this winter’s parties are going to be particularly stylish, with a glam Goth look
photographed by John Scarisbrick


Tiago Espirito Santo attends the latest Moda Lisboa, where the mood was less vibrant than at previous years’ shows


Milano loves fashion
Moda di Milano—Milan Fashion Week—kicked off with Costume National and a 40,000-strong audience
photographed by Thomaz


Burberry comes back
Burberry Prorsum closed London Fashion Week spring–summer 2010 in a triumphant return to its home country
photographed by Getty Images for Burberry


Standing out with swimwear
Our picks from the Miami Swim 2010 shows held in July—with four key trends we spotted
photographed by Frazer Harrison and Michael Buckner, via Getty Images for Mercedes-Benz


Jean Paul Gaultier meets Martin Solveig
Lucire was one of the first English language media to break the news of the collaboration between Jean Paul Gaultier and Martin Solveig earlier today—here are a few more images from the video and behind the scenes


A Latin portafolio
International photographer Thomaz heads to Guayaquil, Ecuador’s fashion capital, to check out the city’s fashion week, and to shoot for designer Patricia Klein
photographed by Thomaz


The romance of travel
An American designer gets inspired by multiple cultures from her global travels, a Kiwi captures the romance of travelling, an Indian designer blends her heritage with her time on the Riviera
main photograph by Kate Szatmari


The real thing
Born of an auspicious meeting between a Kiwi and an American, tika stays true to their mission of doing the right thing. The merino apparel maker is Lucire's pick of environmentally friendly labels for this issue by Seka Ojdrović
From issue 27 of Lucire


Hokonui comes of age
The 21st anniversary edition of the Hokonui Fashion Design Awards impressed Samantha Hannah, who got to see the elegant side of New Zealand fashion
photographed by Raoul Photo


It’s what we’ll wear
Bronwyn Williams attends the trends' presentations at Massey University, and finds students' predictions in line with her own for 2011
photographed by Getty Images


X-bones to butterflies
New Zealand jewellery designer and creator Steph Lusted tells us about life post-Pforzheim by Jo Haas
Expanded from issue 26 of Lucire


Flirting with the ’20s
On a day that saw what might be the last Christian Lacroix show, Georges Chakra seemed to be on the rise at Paris’s couture week for autumn–winter 2009–10
photographed by Getty Images


Samedis à la mode
Keren Chiaroni finds the best way to indulge Parisian style, without the stress of fashion week, at the 8th arrondissement’s Hotel Bristol


Southern diary
Bronwyn Williams gives a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a fashion journalist, as she covers the Southern Trust ID Emerging Designers’ Awards in Dunedin, New Zealand
photographed by Emily A. Cannan


First position
The Royal New Zealand Ballet has announced its first-ever fashion accessories’ range, a collaboration with designer Tamsin Cooper
photographed by Luke Calder


Return of the peacock
Matthew Williamson is the latest designer to collaborate with H&M, taking his iconic past collections as inspiration for spring 2009
photographed by John Scarisbrick and Sølve Sundsbø


From the Mediterranean to the underground
We preview Panos Emporio’s summer 2009 ranges and look at where the designer’s inspirations have come from


John Pearse, for a lifetime
Stanley Moss finds the ideal fabric—but it’s up to John Pearse of London to shape it into a bespoke jacket


Byblos’ pyramid scheme
Byblos offered a more subdued autumn–winter 2009–10 collection at Moda di Milano
photographed by Thomaz


Frankie Morello chases the blues away
Moda di Milano cements itself as the centre of creativity in the fashion world, as Frankie Morello blows away any recessionary blues with his autumn–winter 2009–10 collection
photographed by Thomaz


United nations of fashion
Joma García i Gisbert attends Bread & Butter Barcelona’s swan song, checking out brands from Ginch Gonch to the city’s favourite exporter, Custo Barcelona


Time for reflashion
This season, fashion seems to be embracing other causes besides clothes and style, part of a global trend as Tiago Espirito Santo discovers at Moda Lisboa





Adventures in stitching
Stanley Moss visits Grover Cloth House, a New Delhi tailor which boasts President Bush, Chérie Blair and Chelsea Clinton as clients
photographed by the author


A perfect Finnish
If you're looking for a lift in your signature style, here are four tip-top Finnish designers from Helsinki sure to take your look to the next level by Karen Loftus
From issue 27 of Lucire


Birds of a feather
Sylvia Giles talks to Boh Runga about her new jewellery line on her visit back home
Expanded from issue 26 of Lucire


Living the old Hollywood pin-up girl
Lydia Hearst, daughter of Patty Hearst, has been chosen to be the face of UK lingerie brand Myla, giving what the company calls an ‘intelligent sexuality’
photographed by Ben Hassett and Terry Richardson


Hemispheric snapshots
Is there such a thing as a global Zeitgeist? Regardless of whether you are selling for winter or summer ’09, there are always trend commonalities
H&M photographed by Peter Gehrke


Lisboa’s fashion jackpot
Twenty-nine designers showcased their collections for autumn-winter 2008-9 in an increasingly world class Moda Lisboa, reports Tiago Santo
Adapted from issue 26 of Lucire


Unravelling the mystique
Jack Yan interviews Donna Loveday, the senior curator from the Design Museum behind When Philip Met Isabella, on Philip Treacy's hats for Tatler editor Isabella Blow
Donna Loveday photographed by Douglas Rimington
Isabella Blow photographed by Steven Meisel

Adapted from issue 25 of Lucire


A force to be reckoned with
Probably one of the most in-depth Q&As ever with Nom*D’s Margi Robertson. Questions by Sam Mitchell
photographed by Douglas Rimington
From issue 25 of Lucire


Fly me to the moon
The Fly Guys’ range plays on the growing New Zealand sense of its recent history of consumerism and media, as Mava Moayyed learns
From issue 25 of Lucire


Exotic holidays
Ann-Sofie Johansson presents her next collection for H&M, finding inspiration from hot, exotic locations
photographed by Alexi Lubomirski


New Zealand’s first fashionista
Jack Yan says Katherine Mansfield was New Zealand’s first fashionista, as a tribute to her takes place in Wellington
Expanded from issue 26 of Lucire


Rediscovering Marimekko: a bold start
H&M's new head of design, Ann-Sofie Johansson, makes her mark with a collection inspired by Marimekko
illustrated by Liselotte Watkins


Talking Man to Man
Wellington's Man to Man is one of the best destinations for Hugo Boss
photographed by Emma Käthe Anderson

Expanded from issue 25 of Lucire


Broadcasting in colour
Levi’s autumn–winter 2008 range injects plenty of colour to the traditional denim jean
Expanded from issue 25 of Lucire


Sugarluxe’s high gloss
Chandra Michaels, the artist behind hot luxury brand Sugarluxe, held a trunk show at Austin’s beautiful Blanton Museum of Art. The artist and her team were on hand to greet fans and answer questions by M. K. Johnson





Fighting Aids with fashion
Hennes & Mauritz joins celebrities in contributing proceeds from a collection to HIV and Aids prevention initiatives
photographed by Daniel Jackson


Spice Cavalli style
Roberto Cavalli’s back in the news as his Spice Girls revival tour costumes début in Vancouver
photographed by Jonathan Hayward


Christmas glam
Hennes & Mauritz has revealed its Christmas 2007 campaign with specials leading up to the big day
photographed by Inez van Lamsweerde, Vinoodh Matadin and Alexis Lubomirski


A glimpse of summer
In an exclusive preview, Lucire looks at the summer 2008 collection from leading Swedish beachwear label Panos Emporio


All in the jeans
Sylvia Giles examines the history of denim jeans in the context of popular culture
Expanded from issue 23 of Lucire


Moda Lisboa ’07
Lisboa is one of Europe’s trendiest cities and its designers are no exception, as Tiago Espírito Santo reports from Fashion Week


Premium economy
Like the premium economy class on airlines, Cos is Hennes & Mauritz’s way of extending its market upwards
photographed by Chris Moore


You could be Fashion Week’s new face
On September 21 and 22, we’ll be on the hunt for a member of the public to be the Face of Air New Zealand Fashion Week (with an amazing prize package). You’ll just need to show up in Auckland for a photo shoot where you’ll be treated like a real model


A World of diversification
World has teamed up with Deane Apparel with its first foray into corporate clothing, but diversification is the name of the game in 2007


Heidi Klum: hot in Jordache
Heidi Klum is the new face—and figure—of Jordache jeans in a new advertising campaign shot by Brett Ratner


Emphasizing organic
The world’s biggest clothing retailer, Hennes & Mauritz, ups its organic cotton usage for its autumn–winter 2007–8 season


Time travel
Redken launched its new range with a fashion special in Auckland


Milano, the leader
Sam Mitchell reviews Lucire’s favourites from the autumn–winter 2007–8 collections in Milano
photographed by Fabio Sartori/


Under cover
Sylvia Giles examines the story of lingerie, and its link to our recent history
Expanded from issue 22 of Lucire


About the silhouette
Jack Yan is the first to interview Camille Howie, the winner of the 2007 Vodafone ID Emerging Designers’ Award in Dunedin
photographed by Douglas Rimington
Expanded from issue 23 of Lucire


What legends are made of
Marilyn Sainty is one of the matriarchs of New Zealand fashion. Sylvia Giles interviews her
From issue 22 of


Housewife support
After a two-year wait, Desperate Housewives' Nicollette Sheridan is the face-and body-of Hestia bras in New Zealand


Kylie’s back
The H&M Loves Kylie range is ready for summer 2007, named for Kylie Minogue, but it’s actually the second time the Melbourne-born singer has collaborated with the label
photographed by Sölve Sundsbo


Three more years
Jack Yan flies to Blenheim for lunch—and gets to check out some of the award winners from the Montana World of Wearable Art Awards
photographed by Frank Gasteiger
Expanded from issue 23 of Lucire


The final swatch
Before we look at the latest autumn–winter 2007 collections, Elyse Glickman, Karen Loftus and Sandi Margolis examine what’s in season right now from their earlier attendance at Los Angeles Fashion Week


Base on a true story
Steven Giles is the king of cool when it comes to fashion boutiques in Miami Beach
main photograph by Jeffrey Booze


The generation game
For over 50 years, one family has grown a fashion empire from New Zealand. Today, Sabatini is one of the nation's best exporters, with Europe its latest conquest, writes Kiran Chug
Expanded from issue 20 of Lucire


‘Behind the Label’ special: be jewelled with the earth-inspired wonders of Kirsten Muenster's new jewellery line. Summer Rayne Oakes shows that these precious, little pieces have a big story to tell
photographed by Jon Moe
Expanded from issue 19 of Lucire


Exclusively faux
'Only your jeweller knows for sure': Vivian G. Kelly meets Sharyn Fireman, a jewellery designer whose faux bijoux are at the top of their class


Caravana over the mountain
Jessica Harrington traces the origins of Caravana, a label that wowed the crowds at Australian Fashion Week
From issue 20 of





Electric blue
Tiago Espirito Santo returns with his report on Lisboa’s most recent fashion week, and previews 2007


A hands-on approach
One of the late ’90s’ sexiest celebrities, Caprice launches her own line of lingerie by Yvette Coleman



Earlier catwalk coverage



A revealing holiday
Victoria’s Secret puts on another one of its sexy extravaganzas, with Tyra Banks’ farewell from the series by Yvette Coleman

photographed by C. Yohance DeLoatch/
From the February 2006 print issue of


From street to the Orient Express
Red and black appeared a little too often, but Moda Barcelona was notable for its high-budget finalé by Jack Yan
photographed by Joma García i Gisbert
Excerpted from the June 2005 print issue of


Making of an heiress
Behind the scenes of our September cover shoot with Nicky Hilton by Brad Batory
photographed by Richard Reinsdorf
From the September 2005 print issue of


Stacie sparkles
Stacie J. from The Apprentice and the new series Kill Reality talks about her style and issues of race, while we look behind the scenes of our July cover shoot by Jack Yan and Jessica Tarazi
photographed by Jon Moe
Excerpted from the July 2005 print issue of


Look back in comfort
New Zealand’s spring–summer 2006 collections previewed: there’s a retro theme coupled with figure-hugging cuts


A campaign with a plus
Cindy Crawford appears in Munthe plus Simonsen’s autumn–winter 2005 campaign
photographed by Henrik Bülow


The essential Ralph Rucci
Ralph Rucci is, undeniably, one of New York's finest. Quietly honing his skills, the fashion world is only now waking up to his excellence by Vivian Galtier Kelly
Photographed by Richard Spiegel, Dan Lecca and Sandi Fellman
Excerpted from the May 2005 print issue of


Spots of brilliance
There were numerous designers who shone brightly at New York Fashion Week autumn–winter 2005–6 by Phillip D. Johnson
photographed by C. Yohance Deloatch, Cheryl Gorski, Ian Smile and Richard Spiegel
Excerpted from the May 2005 print issue of


Fashion in colour
The Cooper–Hewitt National Design Museum presents a new exhibition exploring colour and fashion by Phillip Johnson
Photographed by Cheryl Gorski, Randy Brooke and Richard Spiegel


Central perks
Hennes & Mauritz showed its autumn–winter 2005–6 collection at what was reputed to be the world’s biggest fashion show in New York
photographed by Dan Lecca


Youthful vigour
Carla Bergs took home the Emerging Designers' Award at Vodafone ID Dunedin Fashion Week—we were the first to interview her by Jack Yan
photographed by Michael Ng and Karl Priston

Excerpted from the May 2005 print issue of


Ball gown belles
Saks Fifth Avenue presents ball gowns galore at a charity luncheon by Vivian Galtier Kelly


Chef Kenward
Forty years old (plus some months), Denis Kenward creates exquisite one-off paua jewellery designs by Jack Yan
Photographed by Douglas Rimington
From the April 2005 print issue of


Seeing red
The Heart Truth campaign's Red Dress show attracted more celebrities this year by Phillip D. Johnson
Photographed by Patrick McMullen


The return of the king
Chado Ralph Rucci was a favourite for fall, with the designer operating from what seemed to be a higher plane by Phillip D. Johnson


Retro perspective
As we head into Vodafone ID Dunedin Fashion Week, we catch up with Tanya Carlson by Jack Yan
Photographed by Janet Liu/Vision 8 Photography and Michael Ng
Excerpted from the March 2005 print issue of


Summer surfing
It’s going to be a colourful summer as Hennes & Mauritz showcases its styles for swimwear
Photographed by Enrique Badulescu


The finishing touches
Accessories for spring–summer 2005 distinguish the season’s fashions by Phillip D. Johnson
Photographed by the author


Belts with brashness
Resisting mass production, Laurie Weber's belts add pizazz to any outfit by Catherine Rigod


Mining for handbags
Less is more and elegance is the watchword this season when it comes to handbags by Bettijo B. Hirschi
Excerpted from the February 2005 print issue of


The feel-good factor
Australian designer Lisa Ho talks about how she got started, her former phobia, and her collections
Photographed by Alex Zotos and courtesy Lisa Ho and Worling Saunders
Excerpted from the February 2005 print issue of





You only live twice
The environmental consciousness of Gabriel Scarvelli, Mercedes Australian Fashion Week darling and a survivor of the onset of liver cancer by Carolyn Enting
photographed by Clive Souness/Kahuna Digital, Alex Zotos and the author


Luxe in the evening
Suiting the luxe theme of the December 2004 print issue of Lucire, we check out the glam of the spring shows in New York by Phillip D. Johnson
photographed by Richard Spiegel and Vivian Van Natta


For the globally minded
Sabatini's Tony Milich discusses his label, his plans to enter the US market and previews its autumn-winter 2005 collection by Jack Yan
From the November 2004 print edition of


Single in the city
Galina, the designer of the clothing line Single, speaks about the hopeful beginnings for her collection, now truly in bloom after Los Angeles Fashion Week by Catherine Rigod
photographed by David Lee


Rock in Rio: dressed to impress
We take in the sun and sounds at Lisboa's Rock in Rio for some trend-spotting by Tiago E. Santo
photographed by the author


Dangerous structures
Alice Coral, newly graduated from Central St Martin's, speaks in her own words about getting there by Alice Coral
photographed by Anthony Fuller/Image Takers


Shades of history
Silhouette celebrates 40 years of fashionable eyewear at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center by Phillip D. Johnson
photographs courtesy Cynthia Srednicki/Vision PR


The heart rules
We attend the Red Dress campaign's catwalk show during New York Fashion Week and come away with some startling facts about heart disease in women by Phillip D. Johnson
photographed by Cheryl Gorski


Looking abroad
The latest styles from New Zealand designers whose appeal goes beyond their nation’s shores: Nom D, Akimbo, Aduki, Carlson and Ivy
photographed by Karl Priston


Flirty and feminine
H&M’s summer 2004 swimsuits have shaken off more conservatism in favour of what its head designer calls ‘happy colours’
photographed by Enriqué Badulescu


Back from the edge
Panos Emporio's choice of cross-dresser Rickard Engfors has met with concerns, compelling a reshoot of its Unlimited Love campaign with Greek athlete and model Aleka by Jack Yan


Zest for life
Panos Emporio launches Alaghí, aimed at a more mature market as the label diversifies into new demographics by Jack Yan


From law to fashion: a conversation with Alice Coral
As part of a regular series, Alice Coral, the designer that Lucire is supporting to get to her graduation at Central St Martin's in June, talks about her background by Christopher Whitfield


Love speaks volumes
Why Panos Emporio’s selection of a cross-dresser as a swimwear model caused shockwaves in Scandinavia by Jack Yan


Andy Salzer and the return of New York menswear style
In an exclusive interview, we talk to Yoko Devereaux’s Andy Salzer about his company and his take on menswear by Phillip D. Johnson





Grab your kitten heels
While there were fewer top-drawer names, Ringspun and dramatics at the Fashion Theatre made the Clothes Show Live at the NEC in Birmingham worthwhile by Gemma Philips and Meredyth Lewis
photographed by Gemma Philips


Lovelier the second time around
The resurrected Jets Swimwear is part of an exclusive club: one which offers customers proof that the best swimwear in the world could well come from Australia by Jack Yan


Lights, camera, action
Naomi Campbell, Daniela Pestova and Angie Everheart model H&M’s Christmas 2003 lingerie range
photographed by Ellen von Unwerth


Winter takes all
L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week will feature fresh talent Sharon Ng, Sakaguchi and Angeline Harrington—we preview their designs in an exclusive Lucire sixth anniversary shoot
photographed by Briar Shaw


It’s the Rio thing
Few Brazilian-based companies use their national image, until now—as My Bikini Brazil’s Tammy Baldino explains by Jack Yan
photographed by Dan Doyle and Tammy Baldino


Elle Macpherson Intimates launches a seductive new lingerie campaign for summer 2003–4
photographed by Rankin


My Fair (Trade) lady
Safia Minney’s People Tree is considered a pioneer in Fair Trade fashion, taking an ethical and environmental stance that is becoming increasingly relevant by Jack Yan


Primal colours
We speak with Akira Isogawa, one of Australia’s top fashion designers, about his background, his approach and his spring–summer 2003–4 collection by Carolyn Enting


Cat among the pigeons
We interview Rebecca Taylor, from ‘kind of got kicked out of school’ to a $12 million label loved by Sarah Jessica Parker and others by Carolyn Enting


Fashion’s new renaissance woman
Alek Wek is more than a model, as her self-designed ‘1933’ line of bags demonstrates by Phillip D. Johnson


Catching Malin
The je ne sais quoi that has seen Malin Gudmundsson begin with a story in Lucire to being Sweden’s sexiest woman
photographed by Robert Johansson, courtesy of Panos Emporio


The new face of windsurfing
We speak to Kathrine Sorland, Norway’s delegate to Miss World and third runner-up, about her experiences with this year's controversial pageant and her plans by Corey Russell
photographed by Alexander Kayiambakis


Heidi and seek
Supermodel Heidi Klüm is the perfect choice to showcase the latest swimwear from H&M
photographed by Mario Sorrenti


More than a guitarist
Tracing the history of the handbag, we put the latest J. Garcia range into context by Phillip D. Johnson


Une bonne ID
The best way to showcase the glamour of the ID Dunedin Fashion Show is through an exclusive shoot—featuring Tanya Carlson, Mild Red and Dot Com, plus hats by UK milliner Elizabeth Parker
photographed by Jack Yan


Ten years of liberating fashion
We pay tribute to a decade of Starfish, reviewing Laurie Foon’s latest collection, going down memory lane for our first-ever article, and partying down with the Wellington A-list by Jack Yan
photographed by Sarah Hunter and Michael Ng


I am Iman
Iman models H&M’s spring 2003 range with an emphasis on comfort and we examine ideas about beauty and colour


The tomorrow people
We profile ID Dunedin's newest designers Keita McGowan, Philippa Bradley and Charmaine Reveley by Jack Yan


Sending love letters
Jennifer Nicholson of Mme Pearl draws from a life spent travelling around the world and her love of fashion by Stevie Wilson
photographed by Michael Miller


New year, new face
Eighteen-year-old Malin Gudmundsson joins a line of signature faces including Victoria Silvstedt and Janina Frostell at Panos Emporio by Jack Yan


The humanitarian designer
Brad Batory has a healthy, postmodern outlook on designing fashion-one that includes a humanitarian agenda of helping teen mothers by Jack Yan


Dans la coulisse
As we finish up last season, an exclusive pictorial—evocative photos in Paris backstage at Morteza Pashaï by Frédéric de la Chapelle





Bagging new support
Roanne Jacobson’s high-profile accessories’ range—especially her unique poker-work Limited Edition bags—wins international hearts


Nature’s union
Our exclusive fifth anniversary shoot commemorates L’Oréal New Zealand Fashion Week with the latest winter 2003 garments from Billy Zamoisky, Mild Red and RJC by Robin Jones
photographed by Briar Shaw


The fur doctor is in
Buying a new fur coat is a no-no in today’s climate—so why not refurbish an old one? It’s not for paupers—it's good enough for Jennifer Lopez, Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell by Ann Fryer


Melbourne’s classic glamour
Melbourne has always been a cultural and classy state capital—Australian Fashion Week for autumn–winter 2003 showed classical glamour and feminine style by Margaret Ambrose
photographed by Alex Zotos


Emerging Montréal
Day One of Montréal Fashion Week for spring–summer 2003 was like that hidden gem of a boutique—designers who aren’t household names in New York or Paris yet but have the pizazz to be; the rest of the week, we enquire: what makes Montréal fashion different? by Susan Kelly


The girl with the golden eye
In the spirit of the holidays, former Bond girl Izabella Scorupco models H&M's latest underwear range
photographed by Michael Thompson


New York’s new black
Our trends’ guide for fall, featuring Emilio Cavallini, Shin Choi, Halston, Cynthia Rowley, Cynthia Steffe, Private Circle, Perry Ellis, Kenneth Cole, Michael Kors and more
some photographs by Richard Spiegel


The ELM design team come to New York with the finest natural fabrics from Peru and their own Icelandic flair


A glamorous affair
Panos Emporio showcases its summer 2002 collection, more glamorous than ever and modelled by Janina Frostell


More than skin deep
Montreal's NAFFEM affirms fur's universal appeal by Susan Kelly
photographed by Bruno Petrozza


Pack up your troubles
What better way to forget the second big recession since 1997 than with a fashion week in Hong Kong? by Jamil Anderlini


Competitive moves
Sweden should not fear Americanization when brands like Casall produce world-class sportswear by Jack Yan


The business of fashion
Philippe Starck, Rebecca Weinberg, Charles Leadbeater, Clements Ribeiro and Stephen Todd were present at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, discussing the future of the fashion industry by Alice Goulter


A blaze of colour
Christy Turlington models H&M’s summer 2002 swimsuits in our latest photo feature
photographed by Raymond Meier


Melbourne fashion phenomena
Australia’s leading designers, from Saba and Collette Dinnigan to new talent Toni Maticevski and the major New Zealand brands showcase their autumn–winter 2002 collections at the premier retail fashion week by Alice Goulter
photographed exclusively for
Lucire and courtesy Jenny Hoo


Delicate harmony
La Perla goes glam with summer swimwear, modelled by Kim Iglinsky


Toronto Fashion Week: cool fashion warmly received
We attend the fall-winter 2002–3 shows at Toronto Fashion Week. Our coverage from Canada’s biggest fashion week features Hoax Couture, Carla, Ana Kuzmanic, Vassel & Esoin, YSO and Olivera Savic by Samantha Potes
Photographed by Jason Ward


The winter sunlight
Those cloud-free antipodean days: finding joy in spending time with someone, having fun on the beach—the sort of weekend made for the Megan Tuffery winter 2002 collection by Sally-ann Moffat
photographed by Jack Yan


Zac to the future
He can already count Karen Elson and Angela Lindvall as his friends and Milla Jovovich as a fan—21-year-old designer Zac Posen is about to show his first individual collection in New York. We interview him by Richard Spiegel
photographed by the author





Lingerie: a question of branding
Industry consolidation has forced lingerie brands to define themselves properly—we look at what it means for the brands and the retailers on both sides of the Atlantic by Jack Yan


Bridget Fonda, velvet, lace and gemstones
Fourth anniversary special Bridget Fonda models a more realistic lingerie range for the holidays
photographed by Mario Testino


Seduction on West Broadway
A husband-and-wife team turns its attention to changing lingerie shopping in New York with the opening of Bodyhints


My Italian obsession
Fourth anniversary special Getting into an Italian mood—and how to get the products from Gucci, Giorgio Armani, Ferragamo et al to live the lifestyle by M. K. Johnson


The alter-native look
Oliver Christian Herold is another new talent to keep your eye on during the spring shows, with a collection that makes a statement about the appropriation of native American culture by commerce by Richard Spiegel and Jack Yan


Panos Emporio extends its reach into clothing and accessories in a year that has seen it hit the jackpot on Bingo-Lotto


Spanish portraits
Aurora Fernández, already known to an exclusive clientèle for her boutiques and limited-edition series swimsuits, takes her elegance and style to the internet by Jack Yan
photographed by Juan Carlos Ponsa


The diamond bracelet
Fall 2001’s accessoire de la saison by Phillip D. Johnson


Elle stands for love
Supermodel, businesswoman, mother Elle Macpherson showcases a summer lingerie range that goes from Girl Power to What Women Want





Elle Macpherson, the brand: a 10-year retrospective
We look back at the growth of the Elle Macpherson Intimates label and highlight the most memorable campaigns
photographed by Graham Shearer and Ellen von Unwerth


Unlikely celebrity
Dayton Boots is the bootmaker of choice for Cindy Crawford, Alyssa Milano, Kurt Russell and others by Greg Groat
photographed by the author


Mlle Ambassador
Supermodel Claudia Schiffer in Hennes & Mauritz's winter 2000–1 lingerie campaign
photographed by Max Vadukul


Convenience of marriage
Fashion doesn't stop when wedding bells ring. The busy modern woman can shop with confidence and find the latest styles at BrideSave by Jack Yan


Disadvantaged Down Under?
Are brides at a disadvantage when shopping offline for gowns in Australia? Custom tailoring may be one solution by Annette Holt-Siketa


Voon: living glamour
Sophie Voon has gone from graduation to a nationally known label before the age of 25 by Lucy Corry


A personal odyssey
Panos Emporio's Panos Papadopoulos continues to be influenced by Greek heritage, international cultures, style and sensuality by Jack Yan


The NIFT generation
Latest trends from India’s future designers by Aradhana Sinha


New Zealand label Voon showcases its international feel for autumn–winter 2000
photographed exclusively for Lucire by Nick Booth


Gisele Bündchen: a silky summer
Supermodel of the year models H&M's swimwear line
photographed by Mikael Jansson


Free to be
Levi’s launches its Free to Move campaign at Pioneer Studios, Sydney by Mark Berry


Ring of fire
State of Grace, Andrea Moore and Servian are on the edge for autumn-winter 2000 by Lucy Corry
photographed exclusively for Lucire by Spencer Levine





The Clothes Show Live
Hundreds of top models, 200 live catwalk shows, with the likes of Caprice, Naomi Campbell, Marcus Shenkenburg and Karen Mulder by Meredyth Lewis
Photographed by the author


With a twist
New York’s Miche.Kimsa brings two diverse young talents together


Amber Valletta ambience
Underwear for the millennium parties
Photographed by Mikael Jansson


Prepare yourself
H&M gets ready for the new millennium


The deep end
Lucire anniversary exclusive Kiwi menswear can cut it by Edward Hodges
Photographed exclusively for Lucire by Rebecca Thorpe


Donna Haag: an experience to cherish
We interview Donna Haag in Paris by Jack Yan
Photographed by Roberto d’Este


Come to the Four
Simone Knol reports from London Fashion Week, where the New Zealand Four showed off another season of antipodean style
Photographed by Chris Moore


Milla Jovovich models H&M’s latest collection


Southern most

New Zealand designers innovate on the catwalks at Australian Fashion Week ’99, reports Jack Yan


It’s hip in NYC
Hippies at the 97th International Fashion Boutique Show at the Javits Convention Center by Richard Spiegel


Hong Kong spring role
A run-down on Hong Kong Fashion Week, July 13–16, 1999


The magic of the sari
Despite new influences, the sari remains a staple of the traditional Indian wardrobe by Aradhana Sinha


Law of contrast

For autumn, it’s either going back to the future or going back as contrast becomes the theme in Europe


Zambesi: from the heart
New Zealand fashion label Zambesi is fresh from showing at the Wella-sponsored parade held during Mercedes Australian Fashion Week


Hong Kong six
The six Hong Kong designers exhibiting at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week 1999 are international names, attracting clients from Asia and beyond


Summer at St Bart’s
Salma Hayek models H&M’s 1999 swimwear
Photographed by Mikael Jansson


Northern lights
BC Company continues on its upbeat, streetwise theme for summer 1999


A touch of ice
Winter 1999 exclusive shoot
Photographed by Rebecca Thorpe


It’s personal
Patricia Arquette’s personal style makes her a perfect choice to showcase the more relaxed designs of the season
Photographed by Mario Testino


London scene to be seen
What’s hot in London, as seen by Fiona Scott


Style of a visionary
J. Lindeberg, one of Sweden's top menswear designers by Simone Knol


It's what we wear: Sweden
In the first instalment of this series, we look at what we’re wearing in Sweden





Kylie in Paris
Kylie Minogue models in Paris in Hennes & Mauritz
Photographed by Ellen von Unwerth


Australian Fashion Week: the limelight
New Zealand designers shine at Australian Fashion Week


Elegance, quality
Chrissie Potter realized her childhood penchant for making clothes and her name is now associated with quality, style and elegance, writes Jack Yan
Photographed by Rebecca Thorpe
Fashion edited by Simone Knol
Modelled by Anna McCarty


Flying Kiwis
The 1998 Smokefree Fashion Awards, New Zealand’s most important fashion competition event, show that the country is developing a distinctive style


A journey into feminine beauty
Rus's distinctive swimwear
Photographed by Vincenzo Tracquilio





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